Start Menu not working in Windows 10? Try Start Menu Fix Tool by Microsoft

Start Menu not working or Cortana not responding is the very common and major problem in Windows 10. Its a very pathetic that how Microsoft optimise their OS. If you search on the internet about this problem then there are some solution from Microsoft forum side as well as blog. I have faced this start menu

Struggle to Free Download MP3 Song? Try MusicBox the Easiest Way

A have a friend who loves music but many time he asks me to download some mp3 songs for him. Not because he don’t have the internet but he gets frustrated to search that music and download it.  He is not the only one, there are many people who have this same problem. Some prefer to download

How to Root Lenovo Vibe K5 or K5 Plus [100% Working]

Rooting Lenovo phones continue with this Lenovo Vibe k5 phone. In this post, I am going share you how to root Lenovo Vibe K5 by installing TWRP Custom Recovery and then flashing the SuperSu zip file. Lenovo Vibe K5 is a low budget phone powered by Quad-core Snapdragon 415 CPU with 2GB RAM. Where Lenovo K5

The Secret behind Clash of Clans Popularity

Clash of Clans has over the years built up a well-respected fan base. There are millions of people who spend their time playing Clash of Clans. There must be a reason why they would play this game for so long. Most gamers are taken in by their friends who recommend the game to them owing

How to Access 300 Mbps Internet on 1 Mbps Connection

In the era of 4G and high-speed optical internet connection many of us still using a decent broadband connection. Where you can do all your daily needs but you can stream HD or Full HD video without buffer on Netflix, Hotstar and the Euro 2016 on Sony Liv. We all wish to get a high-speed internet connection

Do work in Peace with Active Hours Feature of Windows 10

Many of us who are screwed up by the sudden restart notification due to Windows Update or you are doing an important job on the internet and suddenly you feel that your browsing speed goes slow due to Windows is downloading updates. These are the very common scenario that screwed up our work due to

[Video] How Facebook Sent Message Can be Deleted or Edited

We all know Once an Email or Message is sent you can revert back or cancel it. Though Gmail has that feature by which you can cancel a mail within some period of time. But on facebook, there is no way to cancel or delete sent a message. But recently a researcher Roman Zaikin from

WhatsApp Introduces Message Quoting and Reply Feature-How to use it

Social media experience is getting more smoother day by day. After Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, WhatsApp has gone through a number of changes and adding some great feature. Last time WhatsApp had introduced the WhatsApp Desktop app for computer and also the teaser of WhatsApp Video Call. Though WhatsApp video call still not launched, in between this

How to Block Upgrade of Windows 7 to Windows 10

After launching Windows 10, Microsoft is enforcing people to upgrade their PC to Windows 10. First, they introduce a nice offer. Upgrade to Windows 10 is free for the first one year and many people upgraded their PC to Windows 10 including me. But some of them love to be in Windows 7. Now when

Best way to Download ISO of Windows 7/8.1/10 and Office

Whenever you want to clean install Windows on your PC you just run out of ISO file of Windows whether its Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or the latest Windows 10. But if you are a techy person then you probably hunt for the most updated version of any Windows OS. Most people download OS from