Torch : Your All In One Browser From Torrent Download To Media Grabber

Which browser are using now ? You answer will be either Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox if you a Windows user. 

But tell me real truth , are you really happy with your browser as Your browser is only for surf mean most of you use IDM to download file and some people use YouTube downloader to download video from YouTube. And what you torrent file ? Yea you use uTorrent or BitTorrent to download torrent file. 

Mean your browser is not independent , You need other software or tool. But if I tell you that now you can do all of these using just a single browser and you don’t need any other tool , software or extension.

Yea Torch is the browser that can fulfill your dream. It just awesome browser that I am seeing. Have look what make Torch Browser as bright as star 

torch all in browser

Feature Of  Torch Browser:

Built-in Torrent

 Torch comes with a in built torrent client or software. Mean you don’t need Vuze or uTorrent or other torrent download software.

Media Grabber

Now you don’t need YouTube downloader or other tool to download Video from YouTube or YouTube like website. You can also grab mp3 from streaming mp3 site. So just forget those bulky things.

Easy Sharing

Love exploring internet , and you got a awesome site that you want to share the link via Facebook. Then just click on share option. A Facebook pop up will open to share the link.

Download Accelerator

Why be worry to crack Internet Download Manager where you will get a in built powerful download manager. It will fire up and download your file as fast as possible. Don’t be slow !

Powerful Browser

Torch is based on Chromium source code , Which is used in Google Chrome ( and Chromium Browser for Linux) . Mean Torch is powerful and stable. So less chance to crash your browser which you get maximum time in Firefox.

Secure Browsing

As Torch is based on Chromium source code so it as secure as being powerful. Mean you are safe and secure from viruses, malware, phishing and dangerous websites.

Mean you are getting all of these awesome feature in one browser. You don’t need to download any other software or tool. It just great browser in one word.

Free Download Torch Browser here


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