WhatsApp For iOS 7 Officially Launched: Free Download Now

Though iOS 7 is released with iPhone 5S and 5c and after that Apple roll over it for other iPhone but still people are missing some app for the IOS 7 platform. And the most famous WhatsApp messenger was one of them but today WhatsApp Inc. officially launched WhatsApp Messanger for iOS 7 platform. So if are using iOS 7 then its time to download and install WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone 5s or 5c. And it’s looking great on the IOS 7 interface. Basically this is updated version of WhatsApp which will support up to iOS 7.  And it looks great on iOS 7 platform. So why you are waiting for just a free download the 18.6 MB WhatsApp messenger for iOS 7 from the below link.

Free Download WhatsApp for iOS 7 here

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