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Download Windows 10 build 14971 ISO

Microsoft has released the latest build of Windows 10, its Windows 10 build 14971 and its released for the first ring inside channel only. Mean there is no official ISO for this Windows 10 build 14971. Microsoft has added lots of new features and upgradations with this build. One of the big features is EPUB support. EPUB is

6 Cortana Commands that you must know

If You are a Windows 10 lover then you must love the Cortana that helps us a lot and saves our time. Its like having Siri on iPhone and Google Now or the new Google assistant on Android. Apart from the voice commands, you can use text command to operate Cortana and do some tweaks

Official Direct Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and it is the second major update since the launch of Windows. This update will make your Windows 10 Build 1607 from its last build 10586. So you can imagine in between there is an enormous change. Microsoft has launched this Windows 10 Anniversary Update Windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free Even After 29th July

The free upgrade offer from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 has ended on 29th July. Microsoft has tried their best to know you about this free upgrade offer and this makes also some people annoying. But there are some people who wasted time whether they should upgrade or not and being confused they ended up

How to Link Windows 10 License to Microsoft Account

Finally, Microsoft comes with a nice solution by linking up Windows 10 License to Microsoft Account. The problem started from the free upgrade to Windows 10 offer which is valid till 29th July 2016. Hope you have know that Microsoft from last year offering free upgrade to Windows 10 from your Windows 7/8/8.1 PC. The

Start Menu not working in Windows 10? Try Start Menu Fix Tool by Microsoft

Start Menu not working or Cortana not responding is the very common and major problem in Windows 10. Its a very pathetic that how Microsoft optimise their OS. If you search on the internet about this problem then there are some solution from Microsoft forum side as well as blog. I have faced this start menu

Do work in Peace with Active Hours Feature of Windows 10

Many of us who are screwed up by the sudden restart notification due to Windows Update or you are doing an important job on the internet and suddenly you feel that your browsing speed goes slow due to Windows is downloading updates. These are the very common scenario that screwed up our work due to

Know last login information in Windows 10 PC

Are you very much worried about your PC? Anxious about when your PC was last logged in? Or does anyone tried to sing in your PC? If these are the questions are rounding in your mind then Windows 10 has the answer for you. Windows OS has a feature by which you can know all the

Download Official Version of Windows 10 Build 14332 ISO

Microsoft still has not launched any Windows update for Windows 10 user to update their machine via Windows Update option but it has launched the insider preview version of Windows 10 Build 1432 like the last one Windows 10 Build 14295. So if you are looking for new Windows 10 then you can download this

Where does Windows 10 Lock Screen Images Saves and how to get it

I don’t know whether you have noticed or not but I have noticed that whenever I boot to Windows 10, I get new look screen image and these pics are soo beautiful that I keep looking on my monitor. But how does everytime I get a new image? If its preloaded then there should be a limit