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How to check your last Aadhaar Linked Bank Details

If you have multiple bank account and you have linked or seeded your Aadhar with all those bank ac then you might don’t know which bank account you have linked Aadhar last. In one word you might not know latest Aadhar seeded bank name or details. This may not be crucial for you but if

How to Block Spammy Redirection in Google Chrome

When it comes to browsing we always land on a page that we have not wanted to visit. This happens due to spammy redirection. When you click on a link it opens up another window or tab where the web content is either explicit or spammy. The main reason behind this spammy redirection is ads

How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Message After Delivered

Have you mistakenly send some message to a wrong person in WhatsApp?  Whether to a wrong person or wrong group, this is very awkward and I am pretty sure that this happens with many people. Yes, I am one of them. The first thing you do in this moment is just to delete that message. But

How to capture full webpage screenshot in Google Chrome without any extension

In PC you are familiar with taking a screenshot just by pressing Print Screen button on the keyboard and then paste it on paint. Where it becomes easier to take a screenshot on Windows 8 or above just by pressing Win+Print Screen button at once. But sometimes we need to take a full web page screenshot

How to Download Video from Hotstar in PC

Something that Indian public watch online after YouTube, that is Hotstar. Hotstar changed the way we watch TV. There was a time when people search for free live cricket streaming and they comes with some loop of ad clicking trap. Now we just open Hotstar and enjoy live cricket and other sports. As its comes

6 Cortana Commands that you must know

If You are a Windows 10 lover then you must love the Cortana that helps us a lot and saves our time. Its like having Siri on iPhone and Google Now or the new Google assistant on Android. Apart from the voice commands, you can use text command to operate Cortana and do some tweaks

How to Access 300 Mbps Internet on 1 Mbps Connection

In the era of 4G and high-speed optical internet connection many of us still using a decent broadband connection. Where you can do all your daily needs but you can stream HD or Full HD video without buffer on Netflix, Hotstar and the Euro 2016 on Sony Liv. We all wish to get a high-speed internet connection

How to Enable Smooth Scrolling on Google Chrome

Smooth scrolling is one of the things that first attract me on Microsoft Edge browser on my Windows 10. Smooth scrolling feels like you are scrolling over silk and its pretty nice experience. If you have tried Microsoft Edge browser then you probably noticed that. But I loved to work on Google Chrome despite it

How to Download Music from Saavn Permanently on Android

Online music listening becomes very popular in these days, especially on Android smartphone. Saavn is one those music listing app in India. Hope you have tried Saavn on your phone to listen music, if you have tried then you should aware that you can hear any music for free anytime online. If you want to listen

How To Install Windows 7 Classic Games on Windows 10

Are you missing Chess Titans, Hearts, Solitaire etc., which you play on your Windows 7 but since you have upgraded your Windows 7 to Windows 10 you have just forgotten about those classic games. Am I right? I think many of you miss those games as Microsoft removed these games on Windows 8 as well Windows