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How to Turn Off or Turn On Facebook Desktop Notification

Do you love Facebook Notification when on your Smartphone while you are doing other things except Facebook. I think many of you love this. Like if you are watching a video and someone message you on Facebook, Facebook Notification alerts you that you have gotten a message and its pretty nice thing. Still now this was

What is DigiLocker and How To Create DigiLocker Account

This year on 1st July our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched an online document storage facility name DigiLocker or Digital Locker to enhance the Digital India Project. DigiLocker is a cloud storage by Govt. of India, where any Indian Denizen can keep documents like PAN card, Voter Card, Educational certificates etc. This will help them to not

Know Which Data Recovery Software Is Best For You

In the era of cyber world our data become the most precious property of our life. We are so concern about our data that if we lost our data in case we just lose our mind. Nobody wants this, but in case if you lost your data what you will do? I am sure that

Doing Old Car Valuations? Here Are Some Right Ways

Are you mentally prepared to sell your old car? Most of the car owners all around the world are opting for the best effective way to sell their car are the online source. The online source has different streaming on sites that deal with the business of selling used cars online. With just a few

What will happen to your Facebook account if You die?

Facebook! It’s a book of your every faces of life. It tells everything about your life. Whatever we do in our real life you share these on a social media network where Facebook is the king. According to Wikipedia 1.44 billion people use Facebook in the month of March, 2015.  So you can imagine how big

Fotojet: Make Photo Collage Online for Free

Photos or pictures are one of the best thing we have as it captures the time and freeze it that a video can’t do that’s why we like photos more than video. Now everyone has a smartphone and we loved to capture every moment of our life. Sometime we gather lots of photos on which some

Meet The Official Website of Digitize ‪India‬ and Become a Digital Volunteer

After taking the helm of India, Narendra Modi-PM of India has launched so many nice projects, whether its Guinness World Records making “Jan Dhan Yojna” or enhancing the digital power of India or Project “Digital India”.  Digital India is a new initiative of  the Modi Government to connect people of India and all government departments digitally such that

How To Enable YouTube’s New Transparent Player Look

YouTube has recently unveiled about their new transparency look of the player. This is a new thing you will be able to see and you will be surprised next time you visit YouTube.com. According to YouTube they are working with redesign the looks of YouTube Player. It has been a long time we are watching

Reduces Data Usage By Google’s Data Saver Extension For Chrome

How many of you have unlimited Internet plan? I think a few of them has unlimited data Internet connection. Personally speaking there was a time when I used limited data internet connection using USB dongle and on that time I was always scared off the data consumption. Basically we all worried about our data consumption

Sarkari Naukri for PHd candidates Is Available Widely

For most people, studies beyond a particular point can prove to be a very big headache. However, when it comes to the intelligent and the bright minded, studies do not have any sort of limit. In India, the uppermost limit for studies on a particular branch would have to be the Ph.D. It is more