How to Download Video from Hotstar in PC

Something that Indian public watch online after YouTube, that is Hotstar. Hotstar changed the way we watch TV. There was a time when people search for free live cricket streaming and they comes with some loop of ad clicking trap. Now we just open Hotstar and enjoy live cricket and other sports. As its comes with Android and iOS platform as well as PC web version, its makes easy to watch anywhere anytime. But if you loved content on Hotstar and you want to download it then what you will do?

Download Video from hotstar

Here I am going to show you how to download videos from Hotstar. Unlike YouTube where downloading video from YouTube quite easy and there are many ways, Hotstar video downloading is not that much easy. In Android I still unaware how to download video from Hotstar.  But in PC I got the way and its works perfectly and easy method.

So how to download video from Hotstar?

  1. Go to this link and download the Zip like this
  2. Unzip the file.
  3.  You will get a folder name hotstarsportslivestreamer-master
  4. Open the folder, inside that you will get hotstarlivestreamer.bat
  5. Just run hotstarlivestreamer.bat, it will open a command prompt
  6. Now just copy paste the Hotstar video link ( In command prompt to paste just move over the mouse cursor in command prompt window and do a right click
  7. When you copy pasting link make sure your link look likes this 

    not this

  8. Now hit Enter, it will fetch the video and show you the quality available. Type the quality
  9. Next type “d” and hit enter to download
  10. Now it will start downloading, Once the download complected, it will return “press any key continue”
  11. Open the video folder inside the hotstarsportslivestreamer-master folder
  12. You will get the downloaded file.

Not only from Hotstar, you can also download video from Voot and Start Sports. There are two bat file there for this purpose. I would recommend you highly about this tool to download video from Hotstar. May be its a command line interface not the GUI but its works perfectly and smoothly. So go and download whatever video you want to download from Hotstar, Star Sports or voot.

How to Download Video from Hotstar in PC
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