Free Download Permanent Activator For Windows 10

There are two types of people one who use genuine Windows and other who use pirated. I belong to first one and I got a free upgrade to Windows 10 Home from my Windows 7 Home Premium. But what about those people who neither has genuine Windows 7 nor Windows 8/8.1? Same thing happed with one of my friends who clean install Windows 10 Build 10532 and after installing asked me how activate his Windows 10. I advised him to buy product key of Windows 10 but he belongs to the second group. That’s why I suggest him to try Permanent Activator of Windows 10.

Still, I will not recommend you to activate your Windows 10 using this permanent activator. You should always use genuine keys to activate any software so as Windows 10. With the recent builds of Windows 10 Build 10586 everyone loving Windows 10. Specially those Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users as Windows 10 gives a touch of Windows 7 and personally I would recommend you to use Windows 10 if you are seeking something beyond Windows 7.

In the journey of Windows activation, I tried to give you best since the permanent activator for Windows 8 which works pretty well. Now its time to activate Windows 10. Here is the permanent activator for Windows 10 and its works fine. This tool is a life saver.

So if you have installed Windows 10 and want to activate your Windows 10 then try this Permanet Activator of Windows 10. Activating Windows with this activator is pretty easy. Here is the instruction given bellow to activate your Windows 10 whether its Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.

How To Activate Your Windows 10 With Permanent Activator

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  1. Disable your antivirus (Read Top 10 Antivirus Of 207 for Windows 10 )
  2. Free Download Permanent Activator For Windows 10 KMSPico 10.2.2.iso
  3. Mount the ISO, just by right click on the ISO
  4. Go to My Computer and open KSMPico DVD Drive (virtual)
  5. Inside this, you will get KMSPico 10.2.2.exe file
  6. Just Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator
  7. You will get like this, just click on more info.smartscreen
  8.  Now click on Run anywaysmartscreen (1)
  9. Now you will get a warning from User Account control, click on Yes.
  10. It will install and activate your Windows 10.
  11. Once the process has completed, restart your PC.

Now your Windows 10 is activated. Enjoy this permanent activator for Windows 10 to activate Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.  Leave comments if you have any problem to activate your Windows 10.

Lastly, I would suggest using original Windows 10, you can purchase Windows 10 key at a very low price on, where I had purchased Windows 10 Pro key at just ₹220 or $4.00 and I had upgraded my Windows 10 Home to Pro at just ₹220.

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Free Download Permanent Activator For Windows 10
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