How To Convert A Normal Photo Into Instagram Photo

Hope you know about Instagram , if don’t what is Instagram then read this article here. But first tell me how many of you own a Android or iOS phone ? If you use then there is a great app called Instagram to take a snap like old age photography and it comes in square size. And its very popular apps in apps world , people just take a snap and share it on Facebook or twitter or other social network site. And its true its gives a rich look to your photo and there are many things you can do in Instagram. But if don’t have  a Android or iPhone then still you can make a normal photo into Instagram Photo or you can give a Instagram look to your normal photo.

convert normal photo Instagram
Instagram Tanmoy Das @ SouthCity

Today I will tell you how to convert a normal photo into a Instagram Photo or giving a Instagram look to a normal photo using Picasa, First i think I will use Photoshop but normal people don’t know how to use Photoshop or don’t have this software. But you can easily get Picasa free from the Internet. 

If you don’t know using Picasa then don’t worry just follow my steps , but before we will go to convert a normal photo into a Instagram photo or give a Instagram look to your normal photo please keep in mind these points. 

11. Chose a photo which is related to your life.
2. Photo quality should be nice. 
33. Don’t take a close snap photo like close snap of a flower or something.
44. A photo must be in JPEG format , you can change the format by opening it in Paint then save as diff format.
5. Use Google to see the actual Instagram photo for reference.

So now we will start how to convert a normal photo into Instagram photo or give a Instagram look to your normal photo-

Step 1: Open Picasa and click on the file then select “Add file to Picasa”
Step 2:Now select crop and chose a CD cover or square option and crop the photo as you want

Give Instagram look normal photo
Step 3:You can also edit your photo by adding color or contrast etc.
Step 4:Now chose 4th edit tab and chose “1960’s” option like this 
Make instagram from normal photo
Step 5: Untick the “Rounded Corners” option and chose the fade option as you like , you can apply this effect many times to give more food
make instagram using photoshop picasa
Step 6:Now you have to put borders , so chose last edit tab then select “Border” option
Instagram without Android iPhone
Step 7:In this option keep zero “Inner thickness” and “Caption height’ and keep a decent “corner radius” and “outer thickness” like this pic
make instagram
Step 8: Now your Instagram is ready , share it with your friend to make yourself cool
Tip: you can go to this site and chose effects option then select “Vintage color” to give your Instagram rich look if you don’t want to use 1960’s effect in step 4. 
Hope you like this tutorial to convert a normal photo into a Insatagram Photo, you can do lot as i say before use Google to see reference what is actual Instagram.
It was my little work to give a Instagram look for a normal photo. I know its not Instagram but quite close to Instagram. Hope you like this , please comment with your views.

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