How To Convert NRG To ISO Or ISO To NRG

How to convert .nrg To .iso Or .iso to .nrg. or you can also make a bootable cd to a image file like .nrg .iso or uif.If you have a some image file like .nrg or .iso etc then you can change its format by a small software called Magic Iso Maker.Follow these steps

How To Convert NRG To ISO Or ISO To NRG

Step 1.Click here to download magicISO the software and install it.
Step 2.Now Open it just by clicking try button as it say unregistered version
Step 3.You have to create a virtual drive ,so download and install this magic disc
Step 4.Now mount the .nrg file in a virtual drive by magic disc
Step 5.Now open MagicISO
Step 6.Now Tool tab select “Make ISO from CD/DVD ROM”

Step 7.Now select the drive where you mount .nrg file (you can also mount you physical cd drive )
Step 8.Select a output folder
Step 10.Now chose the format you want to convert and click on ok.

Like this way You can also convert to uif,bin image file.

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