iOS Still Leading Over Android In Mobile OS Market Share [Report August 2013]

Apple’s Android and Google’s iOS are the most fabulous Mobile OS present now. As both have a huge Apps Market. After first iPhone’s launch people become crazy to use this awesome Mobile OS. And nobody ever though that some Mobile will give a big fight to Ios. Then Google’s Android launch. And started its journey. Basically Android Phone was giving people feel like yours or iPhone at a lower price. And this makes Android popular.

But that does not make Android as much popular as like the iPhone. Then Samsung makes it famous by their Galaxy S series. Meanwhile other companies launched the high end Android phone. As an Android platform gives the freedom whatever you want to do. 

Then Android starts giving a tough fight to iOS. But still is is leading into Mobile OS market share according Net Market Share . And Android comes after it beats Symbian and Windows Mobile OS. The latest report of August 2013 says iOS leading with 54.91% then Android 28.12%. Then the third position goes to Java Micro Edition or J2ME with 8.43%. 4th Blackberry with 3.28% and 5th 3.26 while Windows Mobile OS has only 0.97% .

Mobile OS Market Share

iOS get largest market share due to iPad as its still leading Tablet in the market. Though Android tablet getting popular but still on its way.Over 54.91% of iOS users .  31.29% is iPad users while 22.84% is iPhone users.  Among the Android market share Android 4.1 jelly bean has more users with 11.35%.

Mobile OS Market Share by version

In the last few months Android and is has same growth. But in the last month is fall a little bit. During the month July 2013 iOS has 58.26% market share which falls in August 2013 to 54.91%. On the other hand Android shows a gain from 25.28% to 28.12%. 

trend of mobile OS

It’s very clear that tough iOS still has largest Mobile OS market share but Android will make a tie with iOS. 

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