Download Call of Duty Mobile APK & OBB Data and How to install

Finally, the most anticipated FPS online game to compete for PUBG has released and it is none other than Call Of Duty. Activision, game maker of Call of Duty has launched the Call of Duty Mobile on Google Play store and it is available in beta version. If you go to Google Play Store you

Unusual uses for bitcoin: a guide for newbies

Cryptocurrencies are being widely used on the subcontinent and many types of currencies are popular here. While the global value of bitcoin, in particular, has dropped in recent years, that cryptocurrency still remains a heavily used option for everything from betting to lending. This article will explain just what bitcoin can be used for –

How to enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome Android Browser

You may have known how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome desktop browser if you are a Google Chrome android user then there is a different trick to do it. In Android devices, Google Chrome is the most favourite Android browser and it is very clean to expect dark mode in Google Chrome Android

7 Valuable Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is steadily turning out to be one of the most popular and engaging social media apps. With over 8 million registered business accounts, it has become a proven social media platform for marketing and brand building. This is a highly valuable demographic for businesses that are trying to build a viable audience. Even some

5 Essential Tips For Improving the User Experience of your website

In a society dominated by the internet, it’s required to have a virtual footprint if you ever want a chance at a successful business. From running a personal blog to an e-commerce store or online magazine, everyone has a website nowadays, but how accessible is it really to your users? Giving a great experience to

How to enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome Desktop Browser

The dark mode is the new trend. In the last couple of months, we have seen how YouTube Twitter and other apps had been adopting dark mode in their UI. The Facebook Messenger has also enabled dark mode officially though you need to do some tweaks to enable dark mode in Facebook messenger. The same

Ways to Increase Work Productivity

No matter what kind of a work you do, there are definitely those times when you feel like coming up with any kind of excuse. Getting distracted is quite easy, but this behaviour encourages bad habits, one of which is a decrease in productivity. It is without a doubt that social media is the number-one

Fix-Searching in Google Chrome incognito language changes to regional language

We all love Google Chrome as it makes our browsing smooth and all that sync is very handy here. Though all new Microsoft’s Edge browser powered by Chromium web engine is promising. Google Chrome has a private browsing mode name Incognito mode and most of the people know it pretty well. Sometimes we really need

How to make depth map image online for Facebook 3D photo

In order to upload a Facebook 3D photo from Desktop browser which is the only way to upload a Facebook 3D photo without iPhone having dual Camera, you must obtain or make depth map image. Creating a depth map image of your source image using Adobe Photoshop is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you

Download .NET Framework 4.8 Offline Installer Setup File [Official]

About two months back Microsoft had launched the Preview version of .NET Framework 4.8 or dot NET Framework 4.8 build 3734. But on 18th April 2019, Microsoft has finally launched the official stable version of .NET Framework 4.8. Microsoft has launched the .NET Framework 4.8 installer in both formats. The most popular offline installer as