Need Free Antivirus? Try Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Something is always better than nothing. So if you are looking for a free antivirus that is reliable then Kaspersky is the best name. Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security always have been a favourite choice for paid antivirus due to it’s performance in independent Antivirus test results. Even Kaspersky Internet Security ranks 1 in Top 10

Hoichoi Downloader: Watch or Download Hoichoi Video for Free

A couple of months ago I had published a post on how to download video from Hoichoi Tv website. But that trick does not work anymore. Many people commented on that post to give some working method to download video from Hoichoi. Finally, I have come across a tool that can really download video from

Check your Password leaked or not with Google Password Checkup

Sometimes we heard that some hacker has hacked a site and leaked all those user profile data including email id and password. This kind of data breach can take away your night sleep. Now we have thousands of account on different types of websites whether social media or any other and maximum time we use the

Live Transcribe: A Life Saving App for Deaf People by Google

Google has launched a life-saving app for deaf or hard of hearing people called Live Transcribe. By its name you can guess how much it will be helpful for deaf or low hearing people. This a real gift by Google. Live Transcribe will transcribe conversation in real-time. It will work as a transcription tool. If

10 Tips for IT Professionals to Avoid Health Damage

When you live a super busy life then you should also learn to maintain it, otherwise, you will end up at a hospital. When we are talking about IT professionals, they are the one who is mostly found with their laptops. They rarely have time for themselves and thus live a messy life. This has

The True Benefits of a Smart Home

As technology shifts and changes our cultural landscape, it was only a matter of time before it came for our homes. That’s right, you’ve probably heard the term banded about quite a lot over the last couple of years, but ‘Smart Homes’ are fast becoming the next big thing in real estate. In fact, the

Download .NET Framework 4.8 Preview Version build 3734

Microsoft has launched the preview version of the .NET Framework for download and try it. This .NET Framework 4.8 is a preview version and more or less close to the stable version and includes several accessibilities, smooth performance and reliability. This release is only available for Windows 10 version 1809, Windows 10 version 1803, Windows 10 version 1709, Windows

Top 10 Antivirus of 2019 For Windows 10 [AV-TEST Result]

When it comes to installing antivirus on your PC you always ask your friend or shopkeeper which one is the best antivirus for Windows PC. In the market, there are lots of antiviruses and every antivirus promises better security for your Windows 10 PC. But what antivirus really works great in Windows 10 PC. So

How to Install Google Camera on ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 Without Root & Bootloader Unlock

If you love clicking photos on your smartphone then you should have Google Camera on your smartphone. Because Google Camera captures awesome shots. But Google Camera is not available for the maximum android smartphone. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 comes in this list. Though the developer has managed to port the Pixel 3 Google Camera

Now you can open RAW Images in Windows 10 without any Software

Every Windows 10 update version adding some new features like in terms of video and image file. The next Windows 10 version known as 1903 or 19H1 will support RAW image file. But Windows 10 1903 is yet to be launched so Microsoft has released a RAW Image Extension for early access to RAW Images