10 Things That You Don’t Know About Google Voice Search App In Android

Smartphone does not make you smart, the way you are using it makes you smart!!

Tanmoy Das

In the ear of Smartphone everyone has a Smartphone whether its iPhone, Windows or Android. And Android phone is a most popular Smartphone as it comes in low to high and that’s making people to afford. If I ask you why you bought Smartphone not a regular phone? Then maximum peoples answer will be that your friend are using Smartphone that’s why you need a Smartphone. Even you will find some people that the phone he/she is using is a Smartphone. It’s very poor but true. Some people want Smartphone as they just need an mp3 player, a good camera. They don’t  need internet on their phone. I don’t understand why he/she buy this as he/she does not how to utilize the Smartphone Beyond this there are some people who need more like Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp or WeChat etc. Mean they enjoy internet on their phone. And somehow a little bit of a game like temple run.

Google Voice search App in Android

But does this what that for Smartphone build? There are several awesome smart features that they don’t use or don’t know. Google Voice search is one of the feature in Android. Google Voice search is one of the best alternatives of SIRI (comes in Apple is) in Android device.

So what is a Google Voice Search App in Android?

Google Voice search App is voice command search facilities by Google. You don’t need to type just make some voice command or speak to search anything on Google.

You might be thinking what’s special in this? But a secret is you can do lots of things with this Google Voice Search App that you probably don’t know. Beyond searching its it a life utility tool. And if you know how to use Google Voice search App in Android then you can make your daily life more cool more easy. For this you have to know the 10 Things That You Don’t Know About Google Voice Search App In Android.

So what are the 10 Things That You Don’t Know About Google Voice Search App In Android?

1. Make Phone Calls

You can use the Google Voice Search App to make voice command to call someone. Here are the voice commands that you can use

“Call Nancy’s mobile”

“Call Domino Pizza”

“Place a Call to Ram”

“Call Ram”

2. Get Direction

You are in a hurry to go some place or address but don’t know how to reach there. You can use the bellow voice command example in Google Play Voice search to get instant direction.

“Take me to Jadavpur University”

“Show me how to get to Park Street”

“Show me the route to the Indian Museum”

“Show me walking direction to the Howrah Bridge”

“Biking direction to Howrah bridge”

“How do I get to the South City Mall”

“Navigate me to the South City Mall”

“Direction to Taj Hotel by Bus”

3. Send Message

Do you need to send some urgent email or SMS then why type! Where you can just make some voice command and send it to your friend or Boss.  Here are the some Voice command examples.

“Email Alta subject I’m coming to town soon”

“Send a text to Ram saying I’ll see you in 30 minutes”

“Text self help”  – This voice command will send a text message to yours number

“Send SMS to Ram Where are you”

4. Set Reminders 

If you need to set reminder then just make voice command like the bellow

“Remember to go for a run at 7am ”

“Remind me to buy milk”

“Note to self, write post within two days”

“Remember to water the plants in 4 hours”

5. Ask Question

You can use Google Voice search as a calculator  or gather information. Here some example bellow

“What is 52 times 95”

“Will it rain today”

“How many pounds in a kilogram?”

“When Will the sun rise?”

“What is the capital of India?”

“Who is CEO of Facebook?”

“”How many Indian rupees in a US dollar?”

“How tall is Eiffel tower?”

6. Schedule Meetings

If you need to set some schedule meetings then you can easily use Google Voice Search App by these Voice command

“Schedule an appointment tso see the doctor on Sunday at noon”

“I’d like to schedule a meetings tomorrow with Ram”

7. Play music & movies

“Play Space bound”

“Watch  The life of pi”

“Play me songs from Wrecking ball

8. Set Alarm

Like reminder you can set alarm on your Android phone using Google Voice Search App. Don’t need to set alarm manually. Just try these voice command

“Set alarm for 6 this evening”

“Wake me up in 30 minutes”

“Set alarm 3 hours from now”

“Wake me up at 6.30am

9. Open App

Using this below voice command you can open app on your Android phone

“Open Calender app”

10. Do some more

Whatever you want to do just make voice command in Google Voice Search App in Android

“Open cyberkey.in”

“When is my next meeting?”

“Post to Google+ I am watching White House Down”


Hope reading these all voice command you have an idea that how to use Google Voice Search App in Android Phone or tablet. So next time you need to do some job just make voice command. Make sure that you are not in crowed place. 😛


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