3 Gift Extensions Your customers will love

Online shopping is like an ecosystem where its parts are represented by online stores. Like every ecosystem, online shopping is changing: some shops, products and services appear while others come out of existence as they can’t stand the competition.
Being a merchant, you also belong to online ecosystem and it’s really important to find your place here. The main key to it is having an engaged community and happy customers. That’s why online store owners strive to meet searchers’ desires and needs. Having happy customers means having more sales and loyalty.
There are different ways to make customers happy. Why not begin with gifts? And here I don’t mean giving gifts; I’m talking about helping your customers to buy gifts for their friends and relatives. And here are 3 Magento extensions that will help you to provide such features.

Gift Wrap

Any gift needs proper wrapping, right? So why not provide this option right in your Magento shop? This saves time for your customers and they will love you for that.
You should also give some choice of wrapping paper along with examples of how the gifts will look like after wrapping. It would also be valuable to let customers leave personal messages for the gift receiver.
You can show gift wrapping options either on the product page or at the checkout. Remember to make them prominent.

Gift Cards

Just think about such a situation: you have so many different cool products that a client can’t decide which one will be better for his friend. Extensive choice may sometimes be worse than s lack of choice as a user can look through numerous products, like many of them and finally bounce as he failed to make a final decision.
Gift cards add flexibility to the buying process and help to avoid unwanted presents. The receiver can get to your site and buy anything he wants on the stated amount of money. Sounds great!
Here are some useful features of Magento gift cards: ability to choose a value, customize their design and choose the delivery type.

Gift Registry

Creating gift lists are another way to get only those products you want. A customer creates a registry and adds the products to it, and then she sends the list to her friends so that they know what they should buy for the anniversary.
Such registries are mostly popular for wedding as this is an easy way to organize the gift giving process not to get 3 sets of bed linen, 5 tableware sets and numerous table clothes. And guess which part of all this is the best for you? Most products will be bought in your store!

Wrapping up

Using gifts options in your store can increase your sales and customer loyalty to your store. The trick is to give customers what they need… even if they don’t know they need it!

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