4G Internet Revolution! Still India lags in Internet Speed Global Rank

There is no doubt that inexpensive smartphone and Reliance JIO 4G have played a tremendous role in mobile internet revolution in India. According to IAMAI, there are 481 Million peoples are connected to the internet in India.  There is a huge growth from 2016 data to the 2017 December data. Its 11.34% growth. From urban to rural, everyone getting connected to the internet. But in terms of Internet speed for mobile users still, India lags behind Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This may be shocking to us but this the fact about India Internet speed.


Global Internet Speedtest by Ookla has released the internet speed test report for the month of May, 2018. Where its enlisted both Mobile Internet and fixed Broadband Internet speed test report of different countries all over the world. According to this report by Ookla, the global average download and upload speed are 23.57 Mbps and 9.35 Mbps respectively for mobile internet connection. For fixed broadband, the global average download speed is 45.48 Mbps and upload speed is 22.18.

So which country has the fastest internet connection? In the mobile network, Norway has the fastest download speed about 62.70 Mbps. Quater and Iceland grab the 2nd and 3rd place respectively with 59.81 Mbps and 58.57 Mbps. But in fixed broadband internet connection, Singapore has the blazing fast internet connection with download speed of 170.99 Mbps and Iceland and Hong Kong (SAR) follows on with 155.25 Mbps and 141.43 Mbps respectively.

So where does India stands in terms of quality of Internet connection? The average mobile internet speed in India is 8.75 Mbps and India ranks at the 114th position. But Sri Lank, Pakistan and even Bangladesh have better mobile internet speed than India. Sri Lankan people access mobile internet at a speed of 16.84 Mbps which ranks them at 78th position. Pakistan ranks on 92 with 14.85 Mbps and Bangladesh on 110 with 9.68 Mbps mobile internet connection.

But in terms of fixed broadband internet speed, India is ahead of Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The average broadband speed in India is 22.80 Mbps and India stands at 68th Position. Where Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh ranks at 78th, 121th and 86th position respectively.

Mean an average Singapore people download web content 7 times faster than an Indian people in wired connection. Stil we should say thanks to Reliance JIO to making internet cheaper for us. I know the future is coming with 4K video streaming and online gameplay where you will require a blazing fast internet connection and its not too far to launch 5G to make India Internet Speed better.

Source Ookla

4G Internet Revolution! Still India lags in Internet Speed Global Rank
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