Barcode-Scanner App To Scan Barcode & QR Code For Windows 8

If you are a business person and you need to scan a barcode then Barcode-Scanner is the best apps for Your Windows 8 tablet. Barcode-Sanner apps for Windows 8 is made to scan universal barcode as well as QR code. You just need your webcam to get a snap of barcode or QR code. It will then automatically scan it and gives you the result. Its easy to use and very effective metro apps for Windows 8.


Barcode-Scanner apps is not free , it cost Rs. 70 INR. So if you really need it then hit Windows store and search “Barcode-scanner” by pressing [win+Q].

So grab this Barcode-Scanner App To Scan Barcode &  QR Code For Windows 8 at free.

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