Beamrise : A Next Generation Social Media Browser

Social Media Browser become very popular these days as people spend lots of time in front of Computer by just Social Networking. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more.

Previously I said about RockMelt a Social Media Browser. Today I am going to tell a recently launched another social media browser in the market. Its Beamrise.
                                                               Beamrise free social media browser

Beamrise is next generation social media browser powered by Chromium. Do Search, Browse, Discover things online and at the same time be connected to your friend , family or others. Isn’t cool ! Mean you can do work and fun same time.

You don’t need to switch tab to chat , all your contacts and chat option and friends update in one screen.So you will anything.Its user Interface is awesome I just love it.

The best thing of Beamrise is its security. As I said its powered by Chromium so its fast and secure. So You don’t need to worry about that you are using a new browser. And the last thing its free. 

So just Free Download Beamrise and enjoy the fun Social networking at your fingertips 

Free Download Beamrise Social Media Browser here

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