Facebook Mobile Added A New Chat Feature To Chat Online Without eBuddy Or Nimbuzz

facebook mobile chatMaximum people like to do Facebook via their mobile phone ! And some Phone comes with Facebook mobile apps which is nothing but extended version of snaptu ! Snaptu is not available in market. 

If you do Facebook from your mobile browser then you open this like m.facebook.com not www.facebook.com as m.facebook.com is mobile version . Mean you can’t chat or can’t check who are online and offline. For this problem till now people used some mobile messenger like eBuddy or Nimbuzz to chat and check who are offline and online.

But there was a problem with this apps as these apps can’t allow you to check wall or share or write someone’s wall. This big problem for low price phone as you can’t run two apps at a same time.

Opera Mini is the most famous mobile browser that people like to use . So if you want to chat or check who are online on Facebook from your opera mini or phone browser then now you can. 

As Facebook recently added a new feature called chat in which you can check who are online on Facebook from you browser mean you don’t need any mobile messenger like eBuddy or Nimbuzz.

So how chat via opere mini or Phone browser?

Ans is simple just open your Facebook account then you might see a Chat option just click on it and turn on chat. There is refresh button in which you check current status.

If you can’t see chat option then click on this link http://m.facebook.com/buddylist.php 

Hope you love this new facebook mobile feature.
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