Five Phone Products You Can Probably Live Without

There are a lot of really neat inventions that can be attached to your smartphone these days. However, there are also the inventions that somebody thought was a great idea when they were drunk, or figured they could sell to drunk people. These are five phone products you probably don’t need.


This little gadget is a breathalyzer for your iPhone. Attach it to your phone, breathe into the device and voila! Your blood alcohol level is displayed. The major problem with this little device is that if you think you need to check your blood alcohol, you probably shouldn’t be doing whatever you are considering doing. Also, you probably won’t win any arguments with police by saying that your iPhone breathalyzer swore you were safe to drive.


This is a fancy plastic case for your phone. It protects the phone from water damage, which is basically a good idea. However, the part where you talk on your phone while it is encased in this giant piece of sticky plastic is less of a good idea. Besides looking ridiculous, who really needs to talk on the phone where there’s a serious risk of water damage? Just back away from the pool to take your calls.

Payphone Handset

This is literally a replica of the yellow plastic payphone handset that was ubiquitous about fifteen years ago. If you are just dying for a chance to use one again, you can plug it into your smartphone for a mere $65. That’s an awfully big price for nostalgia and you don’t even get the chewed gum and graffiti phone booth experience to go with it.

Seat Belt Phone Holder

Because your phone is too far away in your pocket or purse, why not attach it to your seat belt? That way, when it rings you’ll be tempted to pick it up in violation of all the applicable local cell phone laws. Plus, if you actually do get into an accident you can have your cell phone smashed into your chest by the airbag.

Flashing Cell Phone Pen

This is kind of a cute idea, but extremely useless. Plug the pen lookalike into your cell phone, turn the phone to silent and then place the pen where you can see it. When you receive a call the pen will flash a red light to alert you silently. Besides being pretty darn useless, it’s also extremely dorky.

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Melisa Cammack is a freelance writer with several years of experience, specifically within the technology field. She recently bought her newest love, the iPhone5 from Bell, and is now looking into writing more articles about smart phone technology. 

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