How To Be Safe From Malcious Shortened Link Or URL

Shortened URL or Link first appear on Twitter as Twitter limits you to write 140 characters. You may ask me what is shortened URL or link. Have you used Twitter then you will see that every link that people are twitting is like , or  , these like service just convert your long tail url into a short link.  And its make easy to share links on social media site. You can convert any link into shortened form , it may be a download link or URL also. 

This is advantage of URL shortened service but hackers use this service to steal your data or breach your PC. Like when you will click on a shortened link like that you get from social media site it may be redirect you to a malicious site or it will automatically start downloading some malicious file. And before you do something your PC may be hacked. 

So how to check if the shortened URL is safe to click or not ?

There is a nice website in which you can check if the shortened link is safe or not. URL Uncover allows you check this feature. Just put the shortened link  and click on uncover. It will show if the shortened link is safe to visit or not. If the link or URL is safe then it will show green signal like this.

So if you don’t want to be hacked then before clicking on a shortened link check it whether it’s safe or not on URL UNcover. Just Uncover it.
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