How To Get Notified On Phone If Someone Try To Hack Your Google Account.

Security is incomplete without “U”. Mean security is in your hand , you can make it as secure as you want. Google is one of most secure web space. Google gives us from Gmail to Blogger. Everything under one account. So it’s very vital to keep our google account safe and secure from hacker. 

Suppose a hacker target you and wants to hack your Google account then there is a probability to get access your Google account if you are not using Google’s two step verification option. So if a hacker tries to hack your Gmail account then how to be alerted ?

Google recently added a security option which gives us an option to be notified if someone try to hack your Gmail account. You will get this notification either on your other email id or your phone via sms. 

Google you send a notification via mail or SMS if someone changed your Google password or some suspicious login attempt on your Google account.

So What is the method to enable notification of suspicious login attempt ? You just need to visit the Google Security Centre and tick on  the Notification Type option like this , You must need to verify your phone number.

So if you still not enable this option to get notified on phone if a hacker tries to hack you then do it now before your Google account get hacked.

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