How To Select Or Mark Multiple File/Folder Without Pressing Ctrl Key In Windows 7/Vista

If I ask you how do you select file or folder ? For example you are sending movie from your friend PC to your pendrive. You just press or hold the Ctrl key then press A if you need all the file otherwise holding the Ctrl key you just mark or select by clicking.

But I am going to tell you in this method that you don’t need to press or hold Ctrl key to select many file or folder.

So how to How To Select Or Mark Multiple File Or Folder Without Pressing Ctrl(control) Key?

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer
Step 2. Now click on “Organize” then select “Folder and search option

Step 3. Then click on “View” tab and tick on “Use check box to select items
Step 4. Now click on Apply then Ok

Now you can mark or select file or folder just by ticking on the box like this. 

Now you don’t need to move your ass to press  “Ctrl” on keyboard.

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