How To Share Files Via LAN Without Internet Connection On Windows 8/7/Vista

Suppose one day your friend came to your home with her/his new laptop so that she/he can get lots of movies , game or any other file from your computer. So then how you will transfer or move your file from your computer to your friend’s computer?

If the total file size is not very larger than your flash drive or pen drive is enough to send the file. But if a single file size is larger than your memory size of pen drive then you need 1. A high volume pen drive or 2. An external drive. But the best way is you just need a LAN cable and connect the to PC to send files from your PC to your friend Laptop/Notebook/Utltabook.

The big advantage of using LAN to move or transfer files is LAN cable is very cheap, easy to carry and you don’t need an internet connection or modem. Just connect Two Computer via LAN and exchange files. So how to share or send files via LAN cable on Window 8/7/Vista?

Step 1: Connect  properly two PC via LAN cable ( Make sure both PCs have Windows 8/7/Vista OS)

Step 2`: Open the control panel and Click Network and Sharing Center

Step 3: Now click on Change adapter setting.

Step 4: Right click on “Local Area connection” and select “Properties”



Step 5: Select Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on properties option.


Step 6: Now put IP address in both computers according to below and select OK.

First computer (PC #A)
Enter IP Address: –
Enter Subnet mask: –


Second computer (PC #B)
Enter IP Address: –
Enter Subnet mask: –


Step 7: Now restart both PC to properly set up the new IP
Step 8: Now open Network and Sharing Center any of the Computer ( say computer A)

Step 9: Now click on “Change advance sharing setting”
Step 10: Now choose “Private” and change settings like the bellow photo and click on Save changes

Step 11: Now select “Guest or Public” profile and do like this bellow pic and save it
Step 12: For last one select “All networks” profiles do as bellow the pic and save it
Step 13: Do the same steps from Step 2 to step 6 for the second computer ( say computer B )
Step 14: After doing all these settings you can see Computer A from Computer B’s network option. To get Network option just open My Computer then look on left side of the explorer window.
Step 9: Now to share a Folder just right click on Folder or file and select “Share with” then “Specific people”
Step 10: Now select “Everyone” then click on “Add” option and last click on “Share” option

Now you your folder or file will be shared so you can easily copy to another computer.

Step 11 : If you want to share whole drive then right click on drive

Step 12: choose share with option then select Advance Sharing


Step 13: Properties Windows will open just click on the Advance Sharing option.



Step 14: check the box –  share this folder then click on apply then ok button.



Step 15: click start and type “Network” on search, click on this

Step 16: Now you will be able to see your friends PC just open it to access drive or folder.


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Share Files Via LAN Without Internet Connection

How To Share Files Via LAN Without Internet Connection On Windows 8/7/Vista
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