Mozilla Firefox 14 : Now Google Search Using Encryption

Today Mozial launched Firefox 14 with more security update. This version mainly focuses on security , as security is the main things when you are online. If you want online privacy then its better to use Firefox not Google Chrome . As Google track us and note down whatever we do in cyber world . IE is the next option after Firefox. There was a time when Firefox was very popular but now Google Chrome takes the market and one of the reasons is Firefox crashes regularly and hang , it’s my personal experience. According Mozzila this time FireFox 14 fixes previous bugs. 

But the main thing Mozzila introduce in Firefox 14 is when you will search some keyword in Google . Firefox 14 will automatically encrypt your keyword. So your search keyword will be encrypted and it will provide you privacy from network administrator or if you are using some public wifi .

Google is the first search engine providing search using encryption . There are some more update in this latest Mozzila Firefox 14 and you can check on their blog.

So if you are willing to download Firefox 14 then visit here

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