Secret Notes : How To Make Your Personal Note Password Protected

For Windows Vista/7 or 8 user stick note is not a new thing. And this is really good tool to keep our important note in front of our eyes. If you forgot anything , you get attention just by seeing these sticky notes.

But what is really missing in this sticky note from Microsoft is Privacy. Whenever you open your PC this note is placed on the desktop , mean anyone can see your notes. Mean its open to all. Anyone can see your personal note who has access to your PC. Like your friend or your younger brother or sister.

Sometime we keep some really important data like bank A/c no or credit or debit card number along with the PIN. So we don’t want that someone got access to our these private data.

So best option is to leave sticky note and comes to Secret Note. Secret Notes is an amazing tool or software that keeps all of personal note secret. Secret Note is build for Windows user and works perfect on Windows 7/Vista/Xp and Windows 8 also. Secret Notes makes your private notes password protected. You can only open or see your notes by putting your password. Secret Notes has a cool UI , so you will not feel boring if you leave sticky notes by MS.

Using Secret Notes is very easy , just download and install then open it , set your password and use it. Something that I miss in this tool is , it doesn’t have the change password option. You can also apply password protection to each note. So if you have lots of personal data in your computer then make it password protected by Secret Notes.

Free Download Secret Notes here

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