Start Screen Synchronization , The New Feature In Windows 8.1 Blue

Day by day we are revealing information about Windows 8 Blue. This time Cyber Key going to reveal you that Microsoft include Start Screen synchronization in WIndows 8 Blue. If you are fond to Windows 8 then you can synchronization your Windows 8 setting . In this synchronization option you can synchronize lots of thing in Windows 8 like Personalize , Desktop personalize, password, language etc. 

But this time you can synchronize your start screen in Windows 8 Blue and this is a good feature that Microsoft added. You may ask why this is good ? Its good for the people who love to oraganized. If you customized your start screen and you want back that customized start screen after reinstalling Windows 8 then you can get it back just by synchronizing. 

 So start screen synchronize is good feature. For more news related to WIndows 8 Blue stay tuned !!

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