The Best And Easiest Way To Manage Privacy Setting Of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the great browser that I recommend. So If you are using Google Chrome then you should always do some setting in Privacy setting. But in Google Chrome this job means editing or customizing privacy setting is like cat shit.

privacy manager google chrome

But there is an awesome Google Chrome Extension or apps Privacy manager which allows you to do this job very easily. Its like a control panel where you can edit or customize all this stuff  very easily and quickly.

Feature of Privacy Manager

# blocks third-party sites from setting cookies.
# automatically fill in forms settings management.
# Omnibox search requests management.
# Enable safe browsing in case if the option is disabled by another extension (if self – — ¬†– browsing is enabled Chrome does its best to protect you from phishing and malware).
# Search suggestion management.
# Enable or disable correct spelling service.
# Translate service switch.
# Hyperlink audition management.
# Manage whether chrome must allow sending referer headers with requests.
# Network prediction management.
# Alternate error page management.

Privacy Manager also a feature of deletion of current browser data during browser startup:
best way to manage privacy setting google chrome

– Clear browser cookies.
– Clear websites appcaches.
– Clear browser cache.
– Clear browser download list.
– Clear browser file system.
– Clear browser stored data.
– Clear browser history.
– Clear websites IndexedDB data.
– Clear websites local storage data.
– Clear plugins data.
– Clear stored passwords.
– Clear websites WebSQL data.

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