Top 5 Free Facebook Apps For Windows 8 PC & Tablet

Apps is a new generation trend of marketing, where ever you go you will find an option to download their apps. And our most favorite and giant social networking site Facebook also has their apps. Facebook apps are really awesome to access your Facebook profile, send messages and chat with your friends or family. 

Still now official Facebook apps is only available or iOS , Android and Java platform based phone or tablet. No official Facebook apps are available for Windows 8 PC or tablet. But in Windows 8 App store you will find some unofficial apps for Windows 8 OS. It is expected that Facebook will soon launch their apps for Windows 8 OS. Still now you can use any of these unofficial Facebook apps.

In this article I will tell you Top 5 Free Facebook Apps For Windows 8 tablet or PC. Try any of these Facebook apps , hope you will like it.

1. Facebook Touch:
Facebook touch is an awesome Facebook app build for Windows 8 , mainly touch enabled devices like a tablet. You can all of the things that you do in a browser like from chat with your friends to configure your settings.

2. Facebook Lite:
Facebook Lite has a nice UI. You can easily make status update and also upload photo. You can do all things like chat , message , Create Photo Album and upload Multiple pictures, search etc.
3. MINE for Facebook:
Mine for Facebook has a cool look, not like the regular blue look. Check Facebook feed, make status update, view albums, see current events and lots.
4. Feed For Facebook:
Feed for Facebook has a typical Pinterest type look. You can easily check Facebook feed and like or make comments.
5. Facebook+ Lite:
Facebook+ Lite gives you fastest Facebook experiences in windows 8 PC or tablet. It has just awesome look. And the best things is it has individual sections for feed , photos etc.
So go ahead and try any of these Top 5 Free Facebook Apps For Windows 8 and enjoy Facebook on your Windows 8 tablet or PC.


Top 5 Free Facebook Apps For Windows 8 PC & Tablet
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