Adhar Card and the Digital World

There was quite a hurdle which the huge population of the country, especially the “less-privileged” was facing till now in India. Yes, they were unable to get the benefits of the subsidies as well as government-sponsored schemes, till a decade earlier.


Because, there was no uniform identity, which could give them an individual distinctiveness, especially while availing those schemes in terms of subsidized gas, rice etc. As many didn’t have their own identity to prove at all. However, as we continued to move towards an advanced and sophisticated technological future, it resulted in a new beginning of Adhar card. Yes, thanks to its biometric system, it offered a unique identification number by offering a uniform identity.

Let’s take a look at the technological empowerment which has resulted in the reflection of Adhar technology:-

Extra layer of security:-

The preparedness which has gone towards creating Adhar card can be understood from the fact that as part of strengthening security process, there is a fingerprint pattern involved followed by iris scans.

Easy way to download

All your data is kept safely with the government and also, you can download easily online, right from the website of the government. You can get a duplicate copy of Adhar in no time.

Ending inconvenience

Considering India, which is geographically so different and vast, Adhar has given a unique identity to all Indians.
Yes, whether a person lives in North East or Southern part of India or North or just anywhere, everyone has a unique identity, right in the form of Adhar. It has eased the government machinery in identifying the person with regards to eligibility of government-sponsored schemes along with strengthening the security as well.

Extremely powerful design of Adhar card

Proper and detailed hard work has gone towards creating a system which is foolproof and due to its biometric system, it is able to create individual identities for masses. Yes, every identity is specific and different from each other, thanks to the introduction of a biometric system which is simply the result of great and awesome technological invention.

Security of Data

The privacy, as well as security of data with respect of Adhar, is something which is beyond to be comprised. Yes, it can easily detect any kind of tampering. Similarly, no one can possibly decrypt or use the data to his/her favor. So, it shows the extra care which has been taken to safeguard the Adhar card.

Bridging the gap

In order for the country to progress, the economy has to be progressed too. Besides being necessary for safety point of view, Adhar has also given reasons for the government related schemes to reach the downtrodden and economically weaker sections of the society too.

Technology is getting advanced and the reflection of that can be easily felt in the form of Adhar card. Yes, this is the identity of Indian right with themselves. Considering the uniform structure, it is obviously widely accepted, no matter wherever you go.

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