Best Bulk Rank Tracker for 2018

Are you running an SEO services business, or have a number of business and personal sites to manage? Bulk rank tracker offers the best solution in tracking bulky keyword ranking across different sites and search engines. The advanced rank tracking tool allows you to generate ad-hoc ranking reports for any type of website and supports over 300 keywords at a go.

Why You Need a Bulk Rank Tracker

We all know what role SEO plays in driving more traffic to a site, as well as legitimizes our business. Google is one of the leading search engines and uses different methods to rank websites and android apps. Its algorithm gets more complex every year, but content developers and SEO agents need not to worry as there are millions of tools to help them generate Google friendly content. It is always important to ensure that your content is relevant, educative and rich in search phrases. Though this is very important and has been effective, there is more to ranking so as to be the top of your competitors in search engine result page in various search engines. A tool tracker can help you establish and maintain a high ranking position across different engines through constant monitoring of your keyword ranking. There are many benefits associated with tool rank tracker:

  • It offers instant feedback on your SEO progress and process. It identifies issues that are affecting your search visibility both negative and positive, thereby helping you to take immediate actions to enjoy better results.
  • It helps track bulky keywords to enable you remain competitive in the market.
  • It sends alert notifications via email in case of any overlap in your advertising and organic keywords.
  • If you are an SEO agency, it will promote transparency for your business and your clients.
  • It helps analyse your competitors SEO performance giving you insight about the market.
  • It helps you to customize location (both local and global) and mobile rank tracking to help you take advantage of mobile indexing.

Rank trackers vary in terms of features, price and ease of use, but based on your digital marketing needs you can select the tool that best suits you.

Some common rank tracker features include:

  • Keyword Support – Bulk ranking tool supports more than 300 keywords at a time allowing you to monitor large websites as well as multiple sites.
  • Local Rank Monitoring – If your business targets the local customers or a specific location, bulk rank tracker will help you to identify local search and separate the local listing data from the organic results. This gives you a clear picture of both your local and organic rank positions.
  • Customizable Reports – The tool also generates well summarized reports and graphical representations and sends to your email. You can set the specific SEO parameters that you need in your reports. The reports are generated automatically within the set time or you can manual retrieve reports whenever need arise.
  • Competitor Spy Feature – A very important aspect of beating your competitors is by analysing what they are doing on their end. At times you may find that you are already doing better, but in most cases you will get ideas and implement them in a better way to rank higher than them. The SERP tracker keeps a close eye on the competitors SEO campaign, and give you updates when their sites rise or fall in the search page.
  • The White Label Feature – This feature enables you to add your company brand name and logo in all the reports, which is critical in winning your client confidence and trust. It also promotes your brand. This also allows you to customize your dashboard and manage section users and clients.

Other important features include:

  • 100 percent accuracy.
  • High performance speed.
  • Search engine diversification.
  • Third party tools integration.

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool SEO rank tracking tools that can help in keyword research and tracking, a bulk rank tracker offers the perfect solution. It is ideal for multiple clients site SEO, and is ideal for high number of keywords rank tracking. The trackers also scan and report any broken or dead links on your site thus increase natural traffic.

Get all-round digital marketing insights this year and enjoy quick and neat SEO ranking reports and analysis.

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