Best Football Games for Android

Previously football games were only available on the computer, especially the high graphics ones. Games such as these were an eye candy for football lovers. Over the years the games are continuously being developed for. The graphics are improved, the gameplay and AI are modified, and more and more football player animations are also being introduced into the game for the gamers to rejoice. However with the advent of the smartphone, and gaming getting a new platform, another version of the games required that could be played on mobile devices. FIFA is a popular game that is played by millions worldwide. However, a new fish has entered the pond. FIFAs newest rival being PES or Pro Evolution Soccer has given it a tough competition over the years.

Which is better?

When it comes down to games, it’s a matter of personal preference. There may be fans of PES and there maybe fans of FIFA. Rarely are there any such differences in between the games in term of playability and entertainment. Yet, the player takes it upon themselves to criticize both the games. FIFA is and will always be all time favorite because it has been around for a longer period of time. Since it has been around the block for so long, the fan base is generally quite high compared to that of PES. Both games pack some decent graphics and sport a nice set of controls to offer a decent gameplay. The key point where FIFA lovers hit the PES fans is the graphics and design. In sports games, there is nothing more to improve other than that of the graphics and how the players or the AI interact with each other. FIFA sports offers much better graphics when compared to PES. The in-game player animation is much richer and lively when compared to its rival.

However, the FIFA is much easier to play then PES. Multiplayer aside, when playing on the single player campaign, the AI setting on PES is much tougher when compared to FIFA. A much more comprehensive and well-experienced skill set is required to play Pro Evolution Soccer. Defeating the AI soon becomes pretty boring and most of the times there aren’t enough players to play online. Hence, single player campaign plays a crucial role in the popularity of these games. Since PES offers a much tougher competition, a specific group of games is more inclined to face the tougher challenge.


When it comes to choosing a game, it all depends on whether you like it or not. The gaming experience will never be able to compete with what the real game has to offer. Also, none of these games offer any sort of system where you can bet on games and that’s one thing I feel is missing. There are many websites which you can use to virtually attend sporting events like Football and you can have a look at all the scores and other updates in real time while even betting on these games which is great! Maybe both EA Sports and Konami should consider this option.

Coming to the choice between the games, no other person has the ability to change your mind. It is better to try put both the games and get a feel for it. Only by playing the games, you will get a proper idea of which one suits you or not. In terms of size, both the games are quite similar. Both require around 200mb of free space to download, and android version 5.0 and up devices are only compatible with these games.

Best Football Games for Android
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