Best football games for Android

The game of King is cricket but the king of games is football. That’s make the difference from other games to football. The 90 minutes play time is the most thrilling part for the player as well as the viewers. Till the final whistle, anything can happen. Football is widely populated around the world. No other game is this much populated all over the world. Even there are many countries where Football is not the major game but still its populated there. It does not mean which team is playing, everyone love to watch this game and thats the beauty of this game apart from in field beauty by player’s skill.

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Football is this much populated that when FIFA game launched from Windows PC, everyone become mad. Then console gaming and now Android device Football game becomes everyone’s first choice to play a sports game. Not just gaming, football betting is another aspect of football madness.

With the rising of technology and GPU power on Android device, Football gaming is nothing like anything. If you love football and you have an Android phone or tablet then you must install a Football game on your device, you will never look behind.

Here is the list of the 5 best football games for Android Device that you can install from Google Play depending upon your hardware compatibility.

Best football games for Android

#1.FIFA 16 Soccer by EA SPORTS™

Play the most stunning FIFA 16 by EA Sports Football Game game on your Android smartphone and tablets. It is developed by the EA Mobile.

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When it comes to graphics, FIFA 2016 has the graphics and visual experience. You will feel like a real football game. Not only video but great Audio it has. It has the playlists of music from Empire of the Sun to Vampire Weekend.

The game has more than 16000 players, 600 licensed teams and 36 leagues. You can play the most famous Football leagues from English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and more.

You can build your own team by buying and selling the players. You can build your own brand of Football team with the Kits, Style and more.

#2. Real Football 2013

As its name suggest Real Football gives your real feel of a football match. It is developed by the Gameloft who is the top developer in Google Play store.

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Real Football 2013 is an enhanced and successive updated version of  Real Football 2012. It has a smooth and realistic graphics like real-world Ground and Players.

#3. Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager is the popular online Football game. You need to create your own team and compete with millions of players in online. It likes being a Football Manager, You have to create and Train your team to the top-level to beat other teams.

#4. Flick Shoot

Its about football skills.  It has realistic Game Physics with immersive graphics. Install the game and get into the act of Free Kicks.

#5. Football Kicks

If you want to practice free kick and want to do experiments then this is the best football game to time pass.

Best football games for Android
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