Best Task Managers And Apps for SMBs

Planning is the key to success. And effective planning is the key to the higher results. Depending on your business size and its needs, we have collected a list of best task management apps followed with their pros and cons:

Task Managers for Medium-Sized Businesses

As the first steps, we looked at the best applications and services implemented in the big and medium-sized businesses: Jira, Zoho, and TaskWorld.


Jira is one of the most popular environments for the task and team management among software development companies as well as for businesses forced to manage big teams and departments. Jira has a perfect functionality and tailored for the needs of any business with at least few departments. Their flexible pricing model is not a bargain for companies of any size. So, if you are not your industry’s biggest player, you can still go for one of the initial pricing plans without harming your budgets. Small teams can also use Jira. A small project team of 10 users will pay $10 per month for Jira. However, if the company has 15 people, then the price will be $75.


Along with a wide range of tools including the Gantt chart, mobile application and reporting, there are some disadvantages such as a somewhat heavy interface. Besides, many users often complain about low performance in some specific Internet browsers.


Zoho company entered the market with a set of very powerful products. Despite the company’s orientation towards large business, their tools can be used by almost any business to increase the effectiveness of their work. Great mobile application with cutting-edge user experience and clean UI, a handy Gantt chart and Agile-board this is what you will get as an all-in-one package deal. As for the pros: Zoho gives you a free option to work with one project. If you want more, you need to pay up to $25/mo for 20 projects and $80/mo if you want to have no limitations on the number of projects. Check their Facebook profile to stay in touch with company’s highlights and events.


TaskWorld have a bit better pricing policy than Zoho. It is a perfect match for companies who have project teams because of the perfect optimization for managing dedicated groups of people. With the great set of tools on board, multiplatform mobile app and alert system, TaskWorld costs only $8/mo per user which makes this task manager a good offer for any size of business. As for the disadvantages, there is no Gantt.

Task Management Apps for Small Businesses

Small businesses have smaller needs. However, this doesn’t mean that task management apps for small businesses should have poor functionality with only a few features. Here are few apps to use for managing tasks when you are a small business owner:


Trello has proven itself as one of best solutions for managing tasks and to-do lists. It has a nice and clean interface with the fast onboarding guide and an unlimited number of boards within the free plan. It took only 15 minutes to understand the interface and features. Managing staff in Trello allows seeing the entire picture on the project.


Simplicity is the biggest advantage of Trello as well as its most significant disadvantage. It doesn’t suit right for the needs of large companies and if you have a few groups of developers, then Trello is not your best option.


Flow is another task management solution with responsive design and straightforward task management experience. This service positions itself as the best solution for working with large teams. But the problem is in the relatively small number of features and a high price.


If you plan to use this solution in a large office, this may not be a cost-effective deal. But if you use it in a small company and don’t need a ton of features, then for $4,79/mo for one user you will get a mobile application, Kanban-board and a calendar for working with multiple projects.


YouTrack is tailored for developers’ needs. Not as many features as you will have with Jira, but clean user experience and reliable work. The service is open to enthusiasts who are ready to make it better. It’s not that simple to get used to YouTrack, especially if you are a Jira power user. For a group of outsourced developers, YouTrack is an excellent option.



2Do is another simple option for managing tasks and to-do lists. It is a to-do and tasks management app for Mac that would help you concentrate on the most critical tasks that require your most significant attention. You can’t manage teams and companies with 2Do app, but you can use it to manage your daily tasks and increase your personal effectivity. This solution fits perfectly for self-employed and those operating small businesses. Download 2Do app and start managing your to-do’s and tasks with the higher effectivity.


Hope you find this guide helpful. Be sure to check our other articles related to business and personal productivity.

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