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How to use BHIM UPI or Google Pay Tez on Rooted Phone

In my blog, I have posted soo many rooting methods of the different android phone and there I have mentioned the advantage as well as disadvantage of rooting your android phone. Not able to run or use BHIM UPI or Google Pay Tez on a rooted phone is one of the major disadvantages of rooting

How to Root Xiaomi Poco F1 [ 100% Working Method]

Poco F1 the sensation in the flagship smartphone market. Flagship level hardware specification and awesome camera performance at a budget price. really this phone rock and roll. So today I am going to share you how to root Xiaomi Poco F1. As like all root method first we will unlock the bootloader of Poco F1

How to Install Windows 95 on Windows, Mac or Linux as a software

Windows 95! Some of my nostalgic memories lie with it. I was in high school and used to learn computer as computer literacy program by Webel. At that time we used to learn the basics of a computer through Windows 95 OS. Moreover, at that, I had no idea what is OS and other terms.

How to Secure Your Chats on iPhone

To secure your phone chats, first, you must need to know how it can be hacked then only you can understand how to keep it secure. Various hacking tools are available in the market for the name of security, and even some of them are too smart that they can be termed as spy apps.

How to uninstall Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana or the virtual voice assistant by Microsoft for Windows 10 PC. Its a great digital assistant my Microsoft same as Google Now or Apple’s Siri. But somehow on a rough PC where work is done on keyboard and mouse having a voice command digital assistant in PC is an extra thing. Some people don’t

How to invest your money in IPOs Online?

As the old cliché goes, investing your money is one of the best ways to save your money. Now there are various ways and places to invest your money, but one of the most popular way of investing money these days is investment in IPOs. IPOs or Initial Public Offerings can be described as a

WhatsApp has launched Group video call and voice call [Conference Call]

WhatsApp has finally launched a conference call feature in their platform. We have liked WhatsApp video call and voice call so much that we often do it and its convenient than regular network call. But what was missing in WhatsApp call with the regular call was a conference call or group calling. But now WhatsApp

Enable Picture-in-Picture mode in Chrome and Watch pop-out video

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and it comes with lots of features. Today I am going to discuss a nice feature in Google Chrome name picture-in-picture. This feature is not enabled by default, mean you need to enable this feature in Google Chrome to enjoy

Is your phone charging slow? Check the charging speed

Sometimes we left our phone plugging it on charger and after a few hours we came and watch that our phone has hardly charged a percentage. We got shocked whether we have turned on the switch it or not and check the USB cable whether it has a loose connection or not. But everything is ok but

How to hide media from individual WhatsApp chats in the Gallery

One of the awkward moment for smartphone users is when you publicly opens your phone gallery and its shows your private photos or videos that you have shared with your closed one recently. Its very annoying moment. That’s why I used to turn off media auto-download even if I am in Wifi zone.  But the WhatsApp has