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Huawei has launched first 7nm Mobile SoC Kirin 980 beating Snapdragon 845

Huawei is new to smartphone processor making field but progressing like a hell. At IFA Berlin Huwai has launched the first 7nm SoC or System-on-a-chip Kirin 980. Kirin 980 not only fast 7nm mobile processor but also first in many internal specifications. Kirin 980 is the first Soc to use ARM’s Cortex-A76 CPU and Mali-G76 GPU.

Xiaomi Poco F1 Camera Specifications

Poco F1 has ignited a fire in a budget flagship smartphone knocking out the Huawei Honor Play. In this article, I am going to share the camera specification of Xiaomi Poco F1. I am not going to review the camera but I am going to tell how good is camera hardware inside Poco F1. So let’s

Is your phone charging slow? Check the charging speed

Sometimes we left our phone plugging it on charger and after a few hours we came and watch that our phone has hardly charged a percentage. We got shocked whether we have turned on the switch it or not and check the USB cable whether it has a loose connection or not. But everything is ok but

Buying a New Smartphone? Don’t Break the Piggy Bank Yet

Buying a new smartphone? Stop and think for a while. After all, it’s a serious investment – without the subsidies offered by some wireless operators, a high-end smartphone can cost as much as a pretty high-performance computer or even a laptop. This comparison might sound a bit far-fetched, but come to think of it, a

Acer Launched Budget Killer Smartphone Acer Liquid Z630S

Acer, the Taiwanese Laptop maker has officially introduced a budget killer smartphone Acer Liquid Z630S. This Acer smartphone will give a big competition with the other smartphone maker in respective of price and feature. According Acer, this Acer Liquid Z630S will be exclusively available via Flipkart in India at a price point of ₹10,999/- and as usual

How To Backup & Restore IMEI in Android Phone

IMEI no or International Mobile Equipment Identity No. is the soul of any mobile phone. Without a IMEI no a phone is useless, it will be device only for multimedia purpose. You can’t make phone call, SMS even internet. In android phone you will see that no signal is showing mean your android device has

How To Root Lenovo K3 Note ROW or Indian Version

After writing an article on How To Root Lenovo K3 Note Chinese Version everyone asked me how to root Lenovo K3 Note ROW or Indian version of the model no K50a40. Everyday I think to write about how to root Lenovo K3 Note ROW or India version, but my busy schedule keeps me away from

Why Asus Zenfone 2 Is My Favorite Phone

Gadgets and smartphone are one my major weakness, not only me every tech-savvy is also like me. I can’t resist myself from buying or exploring new gadgets and smartphone is one of them. Recently a viewer mailed me, “Hi Tanmoy, I am very much pleased by the article you wrote on your blog related to

Continuum For Phones: Use Your Windows 10 Phone As PC

The next generation is coming with compact and portable. Everything will be small and powerful and on this possibility Microsoft introduces a new feature “Continuum” in their Windows 10 Mobile. Once you have  a Windows 10 smartphone, you don’t need to carry a laptop. Microsoft’s upcoming feature Continuum is made for that. Whenever you need to

How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android Phone

Yesterday I was in a hurry to call my friend! When I open contacts in my Lenovo P780 I found that my friend contact has been saved f**king four times. It’s not my fault that I save his number four times. This happens due to contact import and export sometime sync contacts from Facebook or blah blah.