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Unusual uses for bitcoin: a guide for newbies

Cryptocurrencies are being widely used on the subcontinent and many types of currencies are popular here. While the global value of bitcoin, in particular, has dropped in recent years, that cryptocurrency still remains a heavily used option for everything from betting to lending. This article will explain just what bitcoin can be used for –

Download Chromium based Microsoft Edge web browser

Microsoft has just unveiled the chromium-based Microsoft Edge Web browser for download and public use. It was earlier reviled that Microsoft had been working on chromium based web browser to make Microsoft Edge a chromium-based web browser. Like game engine web browsers come with different web engine and Chromium web engine has been always the

How to stop People Adding You to WhatsApp Groups without Permission

In the last few months, WhatsApp has gone through some major privacy and security updates. WhatsApp has launched a new privacy update or new feature to stop people adding you to WhatsApp group without your permission. This news privacy update feature is available in the latest version of WhatsApp. Still, now anyone can add you

YouTube has Officially launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India

Today YouTube has Officially announced the launch of  YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in India. From the last few months, it was expected that YouTube will launch its music streaming service YouTube Music and YouTube Premium (Formerly know as YouTube Red). After the launch of Spotify Music streaming in India, Google has realized that it

A Basic Guide: Online Gambling in India

Over the past decade, gambling in India has tremendously grown with at least 80% of Indians gambling at least once per year. India is one of the countries with a high demand for gambling.  A large part of social and cultural life in this country involves gambling of some sort. However, the issue with gambling

Why You Need The All-in-one Tool: Review

Email marketing is the backbone of modern business, irrespective of the field of operation. Which is why the lead generation process and email campaigns are the most important steps on the way to success. In order to reach what you are seeking, you need lots of tools to support you. What is really great in

Spotify has launched in India: Better than Gaana or Amazon Music?

There was a time when we used to download music mp3 files from Songs dot pk site. But if you ask someone to play some music then there is a big probability that he will play that song from Gaana. Yes, Gaana is Indian iTune. But the craze over iTune has gone in western counties.

10 Tips for IT Professionals to Avoid Health Damage

When you live a super busy life then you should also learn to maintain it, otherwise, you will end up at a hospital. When we are talking about IT professionals, they are the one who is mostly found with their laptops. They rarely have time for themselves and thus live a messy life. This has

The True Benefits of a Smart Home

As technology shifts and changes our cultural landscape, it was only a matter of time before it came for our homes. That’s right, you’ve probably heard the term banded about quite a lot over the last couple of years, but ‘Smart Homes’ are fast becoming the next big thing in real estate. In fact, the

Download .NET Framework 4.8 Preview Version build 3734

Microsoft has launched the preview version of the .NET Framework for download and try it. This .NET Framework 4.8 is a preview version and more or less close to the stable version and includes several accessibilities, smooth performance and reliability. This release is only available for Windows 10 version 1809, Windows 10 version 1803, Windows 10 version 1709, Windows