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Best Bulk Rank Tracker for 2018

Are you running an SEO services business, or have a number of business and personal sites to manage? Bulk rank tracker offers the best solution in tracking bulky keyword ranking across different sites and search engines. The advanced rank tracking tool allows you to generate ad-hoc ranking reports for any type of website and supports

4G Internet Revolution! Still India lags in Internet Speed Global Rank

There is no doubt that inexpensive smartphone and Reliance JIO 4G have played a tremendous role in mobile internet revolution in India. According to IAMAI, there are 481 Million peoples are connected to the internet in India.  There is a huge growth from 2016 data to the 2017 December data. Its 11.34% growth. From urban

Pornhub has launched its own VPN Service: VPNhub

After the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal everybody suddenly becomes concern about their online privacy. And when its comes to online privacy the first things strike on mind is VPN. VPN or Virtual private network is the service or tool that hides your real appearance in internet highway. But the maximum VPN service is paid and here people

The Technology that Makes Audi So Desirable

In today’s day and age, technology has become a hugely important part of the automotive industry. In-car technology has come on leaps and bounds and it is now one of the key components that motorists look at when shopping for a new car. The latest and best tech can greatly enhance the ownership experience by

Huawei’s bootloader unlock webpage down. Try this alternative

Huawei users are frustrated with loading up the bootloader unlock page. Even people are sending mail and commenting that they are unable to root Huawei Honor 7X or Huawei P20 as the bootloader unlock website not loading up. Its not one or two days, its down for more than two weeks. Huawei has been silent

Google has launched New Gmail User Interface: How to get it

Its been quite a long Gmail user interface has not changed that much. A few years ago Google had launched a parallel type app of Gmail app for mobile device name Inbox but that does not make any interest for people. Finally, Google has revamped its Gmail user interface for web users. In last one year,

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule Released

Today ICC has declared the official schedule of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Being  a cricket fan I could not resist myself to compile the date from ICC website and make  a proper fixture for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Here is the complete fixture of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, London. Tune your 2019

Best Android App to Watch IPL 2018 Free : Hotstar and JioTV Alternative

If you are an IPL fan then you don’t want to miss any IPL 2018  match. It does not matter wherever you are, bus train or outside to open Hotstar and enjoy the IPL 2018 Live stream. Though Hotstar free subscription gives you around 3 min delay broadcast. So I don’t like Hotstar and I was

Check whether you are a victim of Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal

If you are very much concerned about your privacy in social media then I am pretty sure you must be heard about the historical face down moment for Mark Zuckerberg due to the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. This data scandal compromised personally identifiable information of about 87 millions of Facebook users. Which was started back in 2014,

Cloudflare Public DNS Fast with Privacy Alternative of Google DNS

If you have basic knowledge of networking or if you ever tried to configure your LAN or Wifi connection then you already know about DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. When you browse the internet you just connect one PC to another PC and these connection done over the IP address. But you can