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Creative Photography is the Newest Trend in Web Design

A brilliant and beautiful web design is rare to find. In spite of the fact that these days every brand is trying to create a mark in the web design field and companies like Intlum are always trying to impress their clients with the latest and trendiest designs. Yet, there are some loopholes. Researchers suggest

Huawei has launched first 7nm Mobile SoC Kirin 980 beating Snapdragon 845

Huawei is new to smartphone processor making field but progressing like a hell. At IFA Berlin Huwai has launched the first 7nm SoC or System-on-a-chip Kirin 980. Kirin 980 not only fast 7nm mobile processor but also first in many internal specifications. Kirin 980 is the first Soc to use ARM’s Cortex-A76 CPU and Mali-G76 GPU.

Facebook e-commerce for business Marketing reviews on websites

When it comes to marketing, one can easily utilize it as a strategy in order to develop the business. In general, a marketplace will always come up with various products from various people in terms of developing their business. If you are the one who is really in need to show your marketing strategy in

10 SEO Tools that Track Local Google Rankings

All SEO experts will tell you how vital tracking your ranking in Google search results is, more so on any other search engine. Why is it so important? There is no way you can be able to improve if you are not familiar with your performance. In as much as there are tons of tools

How to Secure Your Chats on iPhone

To secure your phone chats, first, you must need to know how it can be hacked then only you can understand how to keep it secure. Various hacking tools are available in the market for the name of security, and even some of them are too smart that they can be termed as spy apps.


Chemistry had its origins ever since civilizations began many thousands of years ago. Back then, many of the laws and phenomenon that we are familiar with today didn’t exist. Therefore, people would associate natural phenomenon like thunderstorms or earthquakes with the supernatural. Today, our lives totally depend on the advancements in science and technology. Here

How to invest your money in IPOs Online?

As the old cliché goes, investing your money is one of the best ways to save your money. Now there are various ways and places to invest your money, but one of the most popular way of investing money these days is investment in IPOs. IPOs or Initial Public Offerings can be described as a

Best Task Managers And Apps for SMBs

Planning is the key to success. And effective planning is the key to the higher results. Depending on your business size and its needs, we have collected a list of best task management apps followed with their pros and cons: Task Managers for Medium-Sized Businesses As the first steps, we looked at the best applications

Should You Have an Antivirus Software on Mac

Data security is one of the top priorities in 2018. Last year showed us the biggest data breaches and hacks in history. Personal data of millions of people was compromised during an Equifax data breach and that was a red flag for many people who never paid enough attention to their cyber security level. The

Adhar Card and the Digital World

There was quite a hurdle which the huge population of the country, especially the “less-privileged” was facing till now in India. Yes, they were unable to get the benefits of the subsidies as well as government-sponsored schemes, till a decade earlier. Why? Because, there was no uniform identity, which could give them an individual distinctiveness,