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BackBox Linux 4.1 Released: Free Download Now

When its comes to security Linux is the first word comes in our mind. Hope you know that Linux is open source and thats makes it more flexible and secure and you can taste Linux in different flavour. BackBox Linux 4.1 is the new addition of this flavour or distro. Yesterday BackBox Linux 4.1 released

Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Xfce released: Free Download Now

Good news for the Linux lover that after Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon and MATE, then Linux Mint 17 KDE, Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Xfce is available for download. In the last a few days Linux mint developer has done a great hard work and finally they officially released Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Xfce. Like other desktop environment Xfce

Zorin OS 8 Core and Ultimate Released : Free Download Now

Z for Zorin! Yea in OS dictionary you will find Z sand for Zorin. Zorin is one of the favorite Linux distro that particularly made for the Windows 7 users. At first look you will say that its Windows with some special theme. And recently Zorin has launched their next version of OS Zorin OS 8 in two flavors, first

Bored With Fedora? Try Korora 20 Peach

Fedora is one of those Linux distribution people likes lots. Though Fedora is not debian type like Ubuntu, Mint and BackTrack, Kali, but still its Inbox Linux OS and great for work purpose. I first meet Fedora in My Post Graduation Fortran language lab. Before this I always prefer Debian type. But after using Fedora I liked it

Kali Linux 1.0.6 Launched With Emergency Self Destruction

A project that was started by Offensive Security with the name of BackTrack takes another name Kali. Yea Kali Linux is another growing penetration testing OS. Kali Linux OS is just rebuid of BackTrack. When Kali Linux first launched I was really amazed by its awesome feature. Though I loved BacTrack but I loved it very much as

PlayOnLinux : Install & Play Windows Game On Linux

If you have a Linux computer and want to play Windows game then then you can try this software named PlayOnLinux. If you are a softcore gamer then its nice otherwise shift to Windows. PlayOnLinux is software designed to Linux to run Windows Games or apps. PlayOnLinux is based in Wine , which is also

Kali Linux : Free Download Your New Penetration Testing OS

Kali Linux is the new name in the field of hacking and cyber security !. Everyday thousand of cyber security is compromised and cyber security researchers are working hard to make it stronger to break or hack. To know the flaw of any website of o software you have to know the proper way of penetration

How To Install Ubuntu On A Android Device

How To Install Ubuntu On A Android Device ?As Now if you have a Android device the you can install and run Ubuntu on it by Ubuntu Installer.But before downloading and installing please check is your device compatible in blog  . Here is a list of the key features:Run Ubuntu within Android.Access to both Android & Ubuntu

LibreOffice 4.0 Released For Mac, Windows And Linux : Free Download Now

If you are a Linux user then you must be fond of LibreOffice. LibreOffice is very popular office suite for Linux Platform and the best thing about this Office suite is its free and support Windows and Mac also. Mean you can open and edit DOC or DOCX file using LibreOffice. You can do it

Linux Mint 13 Maya Xfce RC Released : Free Download Now

Today Linux Mint 13 “Maya” Xfce RC released! It a great news for those who love Linux like me. Linux mint is open source Linux OS . It is debian type distro. This time Linux Mint 13 “Maya” Xfce RC comes with some awesome feature like  Linux Mint 13 Maya Xfce RC New features of Linux Mint 13