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Free Download Android KitKat Transformation Pack For Windows 7/8/8.1

Are you bored with your normal Windows desktop look? Looking for the awesome theme for your Windows 7/8 PC, then you should try this Android Kitkat transformation pack for Windows 7/8 to transform Your boring Windows 7/8 look into the Android kitkat look. It’s nothing but a skin pack or transformation pack that you make

Top 10 AntiVirus Of 2014 For Windows 8/8.1 PC

Are you using Windows 8 or 8.1? Then have you installed an antivirus on it? If you installed, then Which one? Is the antivirus working perfect on your Windows 8/8.1 PC? There are lots of question arises when it comes to security. That’s why it’s best to install a top rated antivirus on your PC. I previously

How To Make Back Up Of Start Screen In Windows 8/8.1

Start Screen is the most favorite part of Windows 8 or 8.1. When you got the first Windows 8 or 8.1 then you might be excited to use it. You just love to customize it. Like favorite app one side, Document view software in one column. Games are one other side. I just love to do

How To Make Transparent Start Screen In Windows 8/8.1

When Windows 8 comes transparency was the that draw our attention as we were habituated using Aro transparent Windows 7. The most things We liked in Windows 8 or 8.1 is start screen. I was really new concept. Changes the thinking the way we were using PC OS from any Linux distro to Mac OS X. It

Launch8 : How To Get Mac OS X Style Dock On Your Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Dock , I think Apple first introduce it on their Mac OS X but now it becomes on of the famous customizing tool for any OS. Whether you are using Linux or Windows you can simply decorate your desktop with some awesome dock. Stardock is one of famous dock software for Windows PC and they

How To Create Picture Password In Windows 8

How To Create Picture Password In Windows 8 Consumer Preview or developer preview .When Microsoft bring Windows 8 developer preview , then we all get know the Microsoft introduced a new type of security system, and its is picture password.I just amaze using this new type of security feature.We have know many type of security

How To Enable Or Disable Startup Program Using Task Manager In Windows 8

How To Enable Or Disable Startup Program Using Task Manager? If I ask this question to you then you may answer its not possible.Previously i said about how to add a program at startup. As we all hate some time lagging startup program that makes your PC slow at startup.Many time unknowingly we tick on to

New Keyboard Shortcut For Windows 8

New Keyboard Shortcut For Windows 8 , If you are start using Windows 8 consumer Preview then you should know these new keyboard shortcut to make your life more easier with Windows 8.Have a look these new keyboard shortcut  Win+C: All charmsWin+Q: Search charmWin+H: Share charmWin: Start charmWin+K: Devices charmWin+I: Settings charm Win+D: Open DesktopWin+,:

How To Enable Or Add Start Button On Windows 8

Have you try Windows 8 consumer preview or Release Preview ?if try then you should noticed that windows 8 consumer preview and Release Preview and RTM version does not have start button.If you feel boring with feature or miss the iconic start button then you can enable it.As by the production house of stardock they

How To Disable The Metro User Interface In Windows 8

How To Disable The Metro User Interface In Windows 8, if you already used Windows 8 then you may like the metro UI but if you are bored with this then you can go back to classic desktop User Interface like Windows 7 or you can remove the metro UI.So how to do this Step