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Fix-Searching in Google Chrome incognito language changes to regional language

We all love Google Chrome as it makes our browsing smooth and all that sync is very handy here. Though all new Microsoft’s Edge browser powered by Chromium web engine is promising. Google Chrome has a private browsing mode name Incognito mode and most of the people know it pretty well. Sometimes we really need

How to upload Facebook 3D Photo without iPhone [Directly from Desktop Browser]

You are scrolling on Facebook and suddenly stopped by an amazing image that dances with the rhythm of your Mobile movement or mouse cursor. It is called 3D photo by Facebook which had been launched six months ago. But this Facebook 3D photo can be only uploaded from iPhone, not all iPhone. If your iPhone

Logify: One click to log out from all your Internet Services

If you use a public computer for your working purpose then you Logify can help you to log out from all internet services just by one click. Logify is a free online service that can help you to save your time just by one click to log out from different internet services and it does

Hate Captcha? Try Buster: Captcha Solver for Humans

Captcha sometimes can be very annoying and time consuming for us. Even in hurry, our brain does not work properly to solve these captchas. There was a time when captcha means some deformed alphanumeric text but after Google brings reCaptcha where you have to solve photo puzzle or listen audio. Here you should try Buster:

How to Install Windows 95 on Windows, Mac or Linux as a software

Windows 95! Some of my nostalgic memories lie with it. I was in high school and used to learn computer as computer literacy program by Webel. At that time we used to learn the basics of a computer through Windows 95 OS. Moreover, at that, I had no idea what is OS and other terms.

Enable Picture-in-Picture mode in Chrome and Watch pop-out video

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and it comes with lots of features. Today I am going to discuss a nice feature in Google Chrome name picture-in-picture. This feature is not enabled by default, mean you need to enable this feature in Google Chrome to enjoy

How to Use VLC as Screen Recorder in Windows 10 PC

I have seen on YouTube that many people use free software to record screen. But the main problem with those free screen recorder is the promotional watermark on the video. This makes pretty bad. But if you are using Windows 10 PC then you don’t need any screen recorder software. If you have VLC media player installed

How to Send WhatsApp Message without saving number

Have you ever send WhatsApp message to an unknown number? I think many of will say yes as sometimes we see some WhatsApp number on internet or newspaper magazine and We need to message on that number. What we do first do is to save the number or contact. But would it not be easier if

How to check your last Aadhaar Linked Bank Details

If you have multiple bank account and you have linked or seeded your Aadhar with all those bank ac then you might don’t know which bank account you have linked Aadhar last. In one word you might not know latest Aadhar seeded bank name or details. This may not be crucial for you but if

How to Block Spammy Redirection in Google Chrome

When it comes to browsing we always land on a page that we have not wanted to visit. This happens due to spammy redirection. When you click on a link it opens up another window or tab where the web content is either explicit or spammy. The main reason behind this spammy redirection is ads