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The Best And Easiest Way To Manage Privacy Setting Of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the great browser that I recommend. So If you are using Google Chrome then you should always do some setting in Privacy setting. But in Google Chrome this job means editing or customizing privacy setting is like cat shit. But there is an awesome Google Chrome Extension or apps Privacy

How To Listen Some Selected Text Of A Web Page

If you are tired of reading then I have a great trick in which you can listen selected text or line from any webpage provided the text must be in English. Previously I told you about converting a web article in an audio format┬áto listen any web article without reading. But If you don’t need

How To Convert A Normal Photo Into Instagram Photo

Hope you know about Instagram , if don’t what is Instagram then read this article here. But first tell me how many of you own a Android or iOS phone ? If you use then there is a great app called Instagram to take a snap like old age photography and it comes in square

How To Update Windows 7 Offline

In my previous i already said that you must update your Windows.But maximum people don’t do this.But if you have slow internet connection then its very irritating to update it, or if you have multiple PC or if you format your pc .Now you can update your Windows without having internet connection on your PC.What

How To Run Old Windows XP Software In Windows 7

Now a days Windows 7 is very popular than Windows XP.But do you know that Windows 7 have some problem like some old software for Windows XP does not run on Windows 7.For this Microsoft give us a patch or a exe file to run old Windows XP software on Windows 7 Ultimate.You can download

Free Anytime Upgrade For Windows 7 [100% Working]

Are you a Windows 7 user? And is it comes preloaded when you buy your laptop or have you bought the Windows 7 genuine version? If its preloaded with a laptop then it’s very natural that its either Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Premium.As Normally, laptop manufacturer provides this two version. But