Check Your Anti-Virus Test Report Of 2012

People ask me what anti-virus they should use that’s why previously i made a post about top 10 anti-virus of 2012 but if you want to know that which anti-virus you are using is really good ? For this you may use Google asking top anti-virus .But have you ever try to know how can they judge a anti-virus ? Its not easy to judge a anti-virus you have to benchmark for this and its call AV-Test or testing anti-virus.For this purpose i am fan of judge or test some well know anti-virus and provide us the result as one single anti-virus can’t be best in all categories.If you read my post then you will know that i wrote my post on basis of av-test result.But if you are keen to know about report card or av-test report of your anti-virus then here is it.

Av-test test the anti-virus in two platform of Windows , one is xp and other 7.So here is your two report card for both platform.

Av-Test Report On Windows XP Platfom

Av-Test Report On Windows 7 Platfom

According to av-test Protection mean installing a anti-virus on a fresh  or non-infected computer they check how the anti-virus react against malware.If the computer or machine is already infected by malware then installing the anti-virus ,how does the anti-virus remove the malware that is called Repair test.And last usability mean we all know as if the anti-virus is good to use.

So if are using any anti-virus then check the above test report so that is your anti-virus is really good.


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