Continuum For Phones: Use Your Windows 10 Phone As PC

The next generation is coming with compact and portable. Everything will be small and powerful and on this possibility Microsoft introduces a new feature “Continuum” in their Windows 10 Mobile. Once you have  a Windows 10 smartphone, you don’t need to carry a laptop. Microsoft’s upcoming feature Continuum is made for that. Whenever you need to access a PC just connect your Windows 10 Mobile to a large display like a home LED. Previously, Microsoft introduced Continuum feature on the Windows 10 Desktop edition, but this is something different. Its Continuum For Phones, which allow you to transform your Windows 10 Phone into a Windows PC just by connecting it to a display, a keyboard and a mouse.

Windows 10 Phone

So what can we do using Continuum feature on our Windows 10 smartphone?

May be it transform into a PC, but that does not mean that you can install software or run a PC game. You can do only some light weight jobs. Like you can open Outlook and check your mail just like you do on your PC or play a video or see pictures that you have taken using your Windows 10 Phone.

Continuum For Phone uses high processing power that makes it possible to run two displays simultaneously. Mean if you receive a call meanwhile you have connected to display, your PC display will be same so that your works does not get hampered.

There are many more features that you will be able to do using Continuum For Phone feature on Windows 10 Mobile.

Continuum For Phones: Use Your Windows 10 Phone As PC
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