How to Create Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card

After FreeCharge, Oxigen Wallet has launched Virtual Credit Card facility which is basically a prepaid VISA card. Virtual Credit Card is a convenient way to do a transaction online. Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card is somehow limited as you can use it only in India. So you can’t use this in Google Wallet same as FreeCharge Virtual Credit Card. Despite this, You can use Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card anywhere in Indian website for online payment. So if you just want a virtual card then you can try this Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card.

Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card

Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card is a VISA Prepaid Card issued by RBL Bank. Mean add money on your card and spend. This card  is nonreloadable, mean if you create a VCC of  ₹100 then you can’t add money on that particular card anymore despite you have money on Oxigen Wallet. But you can use that card for online purchase multiple times till you have money on that card. Mean recharge one time spend multiple times. That’s why Oxigen Wallet allows you to create multiple Cards.  So before you make a Card make sure how much amount balance you need in that card.

But how to get this Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card if you really need one. Here I have showed you the procedure, just follow it.

How to Create Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card

  1. Download and install the latest version of  Oxigen Wallet App from Google Play Store
  2. Login or make your account
  3. Make sure you have minimum ₹10 on your wallet or add it.
  4.  You will see like this. Hit on virtual-E Prepaid cardOxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card
  5. Tick the “I agree” checkbox and hit Create my cardHow to Create Oxigen Wallet Visa E Prepaid Card
  6. Fill up the form and click OKHow to Create Oxigen Wallet VISA Prepaid Card
  7. It will take some seconds, once done you will see like thisScreenshot_2016-01-11-10-44-18-844
  8. Now add enter the amount you want to add on your card and set a PIN same as ATM PINScreenshot_2016-01-11-12-08-17-606

So go and make your Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card of any amount you want and spend online wherever you want.

How to Create Oxigen Wallet Virtual Credit Card
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