Creative Photography is the Newest Trend in Web Design

A brilliant and beautiful web design is rare to find. In spite of the fact that these days every brand is trying to create a mark in the web design field and companies like Intlum are always trying to impress their clients with the latest and trendiest designs. Yet, there are some loopholes. Researchers suggest that it’s not the design solely but often the photographs used on a particular website fails to create an impact, and as a reason, visitors do not stay for a longer time on that particular page. This eventually leads to a higher bounce rate and lowers the page value on search engines. Well! In this article, we will talk about some remarkable photography trends that have literally changed the course of web design. Let’s talk about 7 such amazing things in brief.

1.   It’s High Definition After All

Gone are the days when a simple image could stimulate a person. It is a new age and every website is trying to offer lucrative contents. Well! HD photography has taken the place now. Images that contain missing pixels usually do not appeal to viewers or visitors. If a visitor lands to your page for the first time, it is extremely important to create a great first time impression and that is achievable only when the site uses top-quality images.

Even when you are buying stock photographs, make sure to buy only High Definition images that have artistic values and look professional at the same time. Using High Definition or HD quality images is undoubtedly one of the newest and trendiest trends for sure in the field of web designing.

2.   Use Color Overlay

Do your photographs show emotions? If the answer is a big ‘NO’, then the time has come to know how to use color overlays. The application of these overlays is pretty simple. You just need to place a semi-transparent color block on the top of your image. Now, control the color in such a way that can capture the perfect emotion of the particular picture and the visual appeal of the image increases too. It is one of the trendiest things indeed that can change the overall look of a particular website.

Make sure the color contrasts well with the image and can intensify or amplify the emotion or the message. Once you know how to use it, it can become very powerful.

3.   Monochrome is Amazing

Many people think that a black and white image or a grey image is only used to portray sadness. Well! Things have drastically changed now. It has been seen that a grey image or a monochrome image can be perfect too. It is a powerful thing to do. A monochrome image with a single layer of color looks pretty amazing.

As we always imply that before any new application, it is always necessary to know how to use it. A single color flat lay might look amazing but not always. So, categorize all the images of your website and determine where to use the technique. This is one of the latest creative photography techniques that are dominating the strategies of web designing.

4.   One Image that Dominates All

In a few websites, you might have noticed that as soon as you open the site, there is one image that kind of gives you a warm welcome. This is the primary image that dominates all. Precisely, every page has a dominating image. Suppose there are 6 pages on a particular site, so the site would have all total 6 images. The images are pretty big in outlay and shout outs the message of the page loudly.

This is a new age concept indeed that many websites love to use. It has a huge visual appeal. First, because it is unique so visitors love to analyze it and secondly it is easy enough. Low maintenance and easy-go nature are very basic benefits of using this technique. Isn’t it interesting?

5.   Photo Editing that Bears the Branding

Photo editing is not something new but it is definitely quite in trend. Editing your Stock photographs using photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or online editing tools like Picmonkey adds great value to photographs. You can add overlays like frames, texts, different elements etc. Especially the usage of different texting styles has become quite trendy. This is definitely not very easy to do; it requires a hefty knowledge in graphic designing. Because after all, we are talking about how to enhance the visual appeal of a photograph and that is achievable only when the designer or the editor has an in-depth knowledge about the color profile and the font application.

6.   Always Opt Minimalistic Look

Minimalism is a beautiful thing, especially in creative photography. Be it home décor or simple attire, people love being minimalist. It keeps all its attributes in place and enhances the overall beauty of a photo. Minimalism never opts for loud colors or huge texts. It is a technique where the designer keeps everything as simple and short as possible.

The minimalistic approach has always been a very aesthetic thing in other arts. In recent times, websites like layerpoint have started applying this technique and which i=has already become a hit in the market.

7.   Are You Using the Right Font?

Believe it or not, a beautiful typography can change the overall outlook of an image. And we must admit that it is a tough craft to learn. The most astonishing thing is that it doesn’t have any readymade formula. One might learn graphic designing and how to use editing tools. But, it is not always possible to build the aesthetic sense. It is an artistic approach and not everyone is an expert at it.

So, if building a great website is your motto (which of course is), then you should take this thing quite seriously. A photo can lose all its traits only because of using a wrong font. It is the best approach to hire someone who knows the craft. Well! There is nothing amazing if you can do it yourself. Overall, typography and photo editing are the most amazing techniques in the market of web designing.

All of these 7 techniques can make your website stand apart in the market. Web design companies are always looking for new trends. These are something that everyone should be aware of. We are pretty sure that these techniques are enough to make your website pretty successful and state-of-the-art level.

Creative Photography is the Newest Trend in Web Design
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