Does Registry Cleaner Really Make Your PC Fast

Does Registry Cleaner Really Make Your PC Fast?? If I ask people this question then maximum people will say “yes it make my PC fast” Although they don’t know what is registry and blah blah.Before Some days i was busy in Penetration testing.When it caught my attention about registry.

What is Registry? 

Have you ever visit a night club ? though its not for children .If you visit then you may noticed they that in the entrance of the night club there is person who get you name and mob and address blah.I always gave fake.What does the person really do is register the info about the visitor.Like this Windows has a database in which Windows keep the data about the software are install. When you uninstall some software then the data left in the registry.

What Does Registry Cleaner Do?

Registry cleaner software scan you registry data base and delete the junk Registry data.Which are just some KB in size.And the reality is it does not take any part to make you PC fast.Registry cleaner also claim to optimized your registry file by defragmenting it.But the registry load as soon as it start.So it does not help you make fast.Have a look this bellow photo.

If you really want to use registry cleaner then use free software like CC cleaner.

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