Download Standalone Installer File Of AMD Catalyst Display Driver

Download Standalone Installer File Of  AMD Catalyst Display Driver , I you are running a AMD graphics card then you might known that graphics card driver should be updated frequently though AMD launch Catalyst Display Driver every month.If you visit AMD’s official site then you may show that to update your driver you ahve to download a 1 mb file , which will download the whole update.Its quite boring in slow speed.More over If you are running Toshiba® notebooks Sony® VAIO® notebooks Panasonic® notebooks and your  notebook vendor not providing latest driver then you can try this standalone installer file to update Toshiba® , Sony® VAIO®, Panasonic® notebooks amd graphics driver.I don’t know that it will really work! but you can try.

So what you have to do is visit this link and find your driver , mean 32bit or 64bit according OS and download.

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