Download YouTube Video & MP3 without any software or plugins

When it comes to YouTube video download there are some pretty nice ways, like if you want to download 4K video from YouTube or download 8K YouTube Video. And the summary of the maximum methods is you need a software or some kind of plugin installed on your browser. But the problem with these methods is when you are in a hurry on your friend’s computer or in a cyber cafe you find that particular computer does not have any tool to download YouTube video or you don’t have administrative privilege to install any tool. In these scenarios, the best way to download MP3 or video from YouTube is the link method.

Download YouTube video

Now in link method, you need to copy paste YouTube link on a third-party site that will fetch the video and give you options to download video or just the music (MP3) file.  So you need to remember those website address which you may forget at the crucial time.

So the best way to download YouTube video just edits the URL. You don’t need software or tool or even don’t need to remember those URL. Just edit the URL or YouTube and you are done.

Here I am going to show you two URL edit methods, you may be familiar with the first one but you can try the second one also.

Download YouTube Video or MP3 by editing URL

Method 1:

Open the YouTube video and pause the video. Now edit the URL or the video by adding “ss” just before like this, and hit enter.Screenshot (187)

It will redirect to another site from which you can download the video or mp3.

Method 2:

This method is pretty same, you don’t need to add “ss”, all you need to do is just delete the “ube” part in the like this, then hit enter….Screenshot (188)

This will again end up with a third party site from which you can download MP3 or the MP4. This method is pretty nice than the first method. But there are some limitation like you can only download 360p or 720p video by this method.

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Download YouTube Video & MP3 without any software or plugins
Download YouTube Video & MP3 without any software or plugins. How to download YouTube Video and Mp3 by URL editing method.
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