What are the effective solutions to reset Windows 10 Admin Account ?

When you install your OS for the very first time, what you create is an Admin account which has got all the administrative privileges to allow you to use literally everything in your computer. But there are other local user accounts which you can create later on using already registered admin accounts as per your requirement for safety. Now admin account is the only account which you safely permit you to use all the documents, files, folders, apps, tools, games, and everything of your system. So in any case, you forget your password to that very admin account; would not it be total havoc? Indeed it would be. Unfortunately, you will be locked out of your own computer, without being able to access any of your device contents.

Well don’t fret or panic, the article here is chiseled to make your way out of this mess. Simply follow the guidelines illustrated below and it will all be safely done with even little expertise.

Solution #1: Search Password in NotePads

Very often while creating a password we usually create a backup of all the password in a notepad or somewhere else in scribbled format. The user could also use cloud servers or excel files to save those passwords for future use and emergency cases like these where you forget your password. Thus it is better to search for your admin password firstly in all those possible locations, instead of trying your hell out with technical idiosyncrasies. Once you get a hold of your password, simply use it to gain a clean to your locked account.

But in case the idea does not seem to work in your favor, then you must shift to the next solution immediately without any delay.

Solution #2: reset Windows 10 Password using iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool

What if you are told that you can actually bypass your password protection instead of resetting the password without having any skill or data? Well this is where iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro utility comes to play.

It is a very effective password remover tool which completely reset the password from the login screen. It cunningly manipulates the registry keys in your system thereby disabling the password protection feature. Few of its more features are broadly detailed out below.

Salient Features of the Tool:

  • No data is lost during the password removal procedure.
  • No special knowledge is needed for the method.
  • The tool runs in all the Windows OS that are Vista/ XP. 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It supports Windows server OS as well, that are 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2018.
  • It removes the password of all types of accounts, such as admin, domain, and root accounts.
  • No internet connection is required.
  • It supports all types of hard disks, such as SSD, HDD, NTFS, RAID, SATA, etc.

Preparations to make before using the Tool:

  • A spare working computer.
  • A USB or CD/DVD with at least of 512 MB storage capacity.
  • The iSeePassword Recovery Pro tool program file.

Manual to use iSeePassword Recovery  Pro Tool:

Step 1. The first initiative would be to download the tool setup file from the internet and install it properly using a spare working computer.

Step 2. Enter your optical disk and launch the program with admin privileges.

Step 3. From the main interface screen, click “Burn USB” or Burn CD/DVD” to burn the ISO image files depending upon the type of optical disk you have inserted.

Step 4. Once the images files are burnt, you will receive a notification as “Burning Successfully!”, click “Ok” to finish the burning process.

Step 5. Take out your optical disk and insert it into the locked computer. Make sure that your inserted disk is selected as the priority device from the BIOS utility settings.

Step 6. Once your disk is selected as the priority device, the image files will be loaded into the locked computer automatically.

Step 7. Finally, click on “Reset password” and “Reboot” buttons to end the procedure.

Solution #3: Reset Windows 10 Password using Super Administrator Account

Super Administrator Account or SAC, is a type of account which is secretly created alongside your admin account when you install your OS for the very first time. It is usually kept hidden from the user, rather strangers lest it would be exploited to gain access to your computer with administrator privileges.

Thus entering the system using SAC can easily help you reset your password. Read the steps below to ensure complete functionality:

Step 1. Turn on your PC and wait until the lock screen appears.

Step 2. Press the shift key 5 times in a row on your keyboard and wait again until the super administrator account emerges on the login screen.


Step 3. Simply login to your SAC account, right click on the “My computer” icon and select “Manage” option from the sub-menu.

Step 4. Navigate to the following path: Local Users and Groups> Users

Step 5. Select your locked account username, and right click on it to choose “Set Password”.

Step 6. Enter a new password twice and logout. And now enter the locked admin account with the newly created password and there you go, its all done!


  • SAC account must have administrator rights to make the changes.
  • SAC must be activated before you forgot the password.


From the above discussion, you can easily infer that the first two method are solely dependable for authentic performance. But the third method with iSeePassword Recovery Pro tool is 100% efficient in resolving your problem.

It has been tested with many brands of computers and laptops, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc. Thus you can relax regarding its performance.

But if you still wish to explore something more, don’t forget to subscribe to iSeepassword’s website for more information.

What are the effective solutions to reset Windows 10 Admin Account ?
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