Facebook Launched Facebook Lite App For Slow Internet And Low Storage Phone

Are you f##ked up with your slow internet connection? That’s why you do Facebook from Opera Mini browser not the Facebook app on your Android smartphone as Facebook app does not work properly on slow data connection. Basically its a very poor experience. Even if you have good internet connection but your phone’s app storages limitation makes problem to install Facebook app.

Facebook lite app

If you are facing any of these problem then you will be happy with new Facebook lite app. Facebook recently launched a new Facebook lite app for slow internet connection or low end device. Facebook lite app is just a parallel app of Facebook. You can do all the stuff that you do in Facebook like checking news feed, chating or messaging, easily like some post or change your status update or upload a pic. Facebook lite app gives you all the feature that you get in Facebook app. Facebook lite app has a decent user interface with all the required things. This Facebook lite app quite like the Facebook app that you used in java phone.

Facebook lite app is very useful for low end device as its name suggest it. Facebook lite app apk size only 252KB mean you don’t need to worry about internal storage or app storage. Facebook lite app works perfectly in 2G internet connection. Facebook lite app gives you a smooth Facebook experience.¬†

So what’s the basic difference between Facebook app and this Facebook Lite app?

Facebook app gives you rich environment to do Facebook. Where Facebook Lite app gives you basic or lite experience. The UI is not as cool as Facebook but its nice as Facebook lite app consume low memory space and RAM. So it does not makes your device slow. Moreover the big advantage of Facebook lite app is it run smoothly on slow internet connection like 2G.

So if you are using a low spec device or slow internet then just download and install Facebook lite app on your Android Phone. Just go through the download link given bellow. Its a Official app by Facebook so you don’t need to worry. If you are using a high end device or decent Android phone then you may not be able to find it in Google Play Store as this app developed for low spec device. Now you don’t need to open Opera Mini to do Facebook on your smartphone.

Free Download Facebook Lite APK here

Free Direct Download Facebook Lite here


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Facebook Launched Facebook Lite App For Slow Internet And Low Storage Phone

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