How To Factory Reset Lenovo P780 From Factory Mode

Like other Android phone Lenovo P780 can be factory reset from factory mode. The normal way of factory reset is from setting then storage but sometime its better to format your phone or factory reset your Lenovo P780 from factory mode. As its the most proper way to master factory reset your phone. In those process we access recovery mode and do it. And its very effective way to format your Lenovo P780 and bring it Factory condition.  So if you have a Lenovo P780 4GB or 8GB and your are facing too much problem or the Phone hangs or getting slow then you need to do a Factory reset like installing fresh OS in our PC. So if your are thinking to master factory reset your phone then you need to do it from recovery mode not from the setting option.

Here is step by step guide to factory reset your phone from recovery mode.

NOTE: This method will delete all the date in your phone, so make a backup and remove external SD card then do it.

Step 1: Switch off your phone. It will vibrate indicating that its shut down completely.

Step 2: Press and hold Power and Volume Up button until your see this and released the button after seeing this.



Step 3: Wait for few second it will automatically goes to recovery mode and you will see this

DSC_0024Step 4: Now use your volume key to navigate. and go to Clear eMMC option and tap Power button to select.

Step 5: It will format your phone and bring to factory condition after restart.

Hope you have successfully master factory reset your phone. In case any problem just make a comment here.


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How To Factory Reset Lenovo P780 From Factory Mode
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